International Development and Social Change

Study Abroad

Many ID students have learned about development issues first hand through Study Abroad Programs, such as those in Namibia and in the Dominican Republic. Students have also studied abroad on related programs at the University of East Anglia in England; with the School for Field Studies in Mexico and Costa Rica; and with the School for International Training in Nepal, Mali, and Morocco. Please contact the Study Abroad Office at Clark for information on study abroad options. Students should discuss their study abroad plans in advance with their ID major advisor to maximize the learning experience.

Area of informal settlements in Namibia. Photo taken by Evan Wilson '06 who attended Clark's study abroad program in that country.

For students contemplating any kind of international program, the Office of Study Abroad recommends the following sequence:

First year:
- Attend a “Study Abroad 101” information session held every semester. For dates, see the Study Abroad Calendar of Events.
- Begin taking foreign language courses.
- Talk with other students about their experiences.

Second year, fall semester:
- Meet with the Study Abroad staff to review programs and eligibility.
- Collect and review the application materials.
- Explore financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
- Visit Career Services to learn how to develop your résumé, which you will need for internships and service learning programs.

Second year, spring semester:
- Application due.

Seeking Major Credit for Study Abroad Classes

IDSC majors can only count two classes, plus one internship towards the major. Students should follow the same procedure as with any other petitions, in other words:

- Fill out a petition form and make a copy of the course syllabus; and
- Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss the class’s rigor and applicability to the major.

If the class is not among those classes already pre-approved for the IDSC major, your advisor will take your petition to the IDSC program committee.


Students wishing to participate in non-Clark Study Abroad programs are still eligible to apply for the Accelerated BA/MA program, but they may lose a portion or all of their tuition waiver for the fifth year. The Dean of Students office makes decisions about transfer credits.

Any student in good standing who wishes to take a longer amount of time (a semester or year) to work or study abroad through independent plans can apply for a Leave of Absence with the Dean of Students Office. More details about Leave of Absence.