International Studies Stream

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The International Studies Stream Program

The International Studies Stream (ISS) is an innovative option within Clark's Program of Liberal Studies that focuses students’ liberal arts education on international problems and global issues.

What used to be local and national problems now occur at the global level. Economic crises may begin in one country. But they immediately escalate to affect people the world over. Likewise, environmental issues initiated at points of intense crisis spread far beyond within short time spans. Simply to understand contemporary society, students must be familiar with globalization and global questions.

The ISS helps students understand globalization, the global environment, economic growth, peace, security, and development. Language and cultural studies provide the skills necessary for active participation in the global society.

The ISS infuses students' educational experiences with an international perspective. Intensive, lively courses with lots of direct student participation, discussion groups, guest speakers, internships, and study abroad opportunities offer opportunities for the best international education available.

**ISS is currently being phased out and will end in Spring 2018. Students already registered as ISS students will complete the program requirements and finish in Spring 2018, when ISS will end.**