ECON STUDIES/CBA WMD DECISION ANALYSIS GLOBAL TRADE Clearinghouse Tech Research Policy Research Educational Local/Regional Partnerships Center that highlights University Research on Terr/Sec/Risk NOTE:
1973 International Security Program (ISP)
(Harvard U.- Kennedy School of government and
Belfer Center for Science and Intl Affairs)
Cambridge, MA advance policy-relevant knowledge about U.S. and international security  University ~Journal: International Security
~Book series (started 1991): BCSIA Studies in International Security
~Managing the Atom (MTA) Project
~Preventive Defense Project
pre-doc, post-doc fellows, Harvard faculty, and invited researchers, research in general security studies, emphasis on int sec, public policy communication, terrorism, debates, workshops, Current research: 
Terrorism in the Aftermath of September 11, WMD, Internal Conflict, Regional Security, and Executive Programs for Russia and China. Stanford U.; Nuclear Threat Initiative; Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council (RANSAC); Committee on International Security and Arms Control, National Academy of Sciences; Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (CFIA); Professor Steven Fetter, School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland; The World Affairs Council (Los Angeles Chapter); WorldBoston;   Carnegie Corporation of New York, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Packard Foundation, the W. Alton Jones Foundation, the Nuclear Threat Intiative, the Compton Foundation, Inc., and private sources;The Office for Domestic Preparedness (US OHS)
The Office of Justice Programs (US DOJ); Department of Energy
X     X         X X X                       X X      
1963 The Disaster Research Center
(U. of Delaware)
Newark, DE  Largest center on disaster-issues; researchers have carried out systematic studies on a broad range of disaster types, including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hazardous chemical incidents, and plane crashes. DRC has also done research on civil disturbances and riots   ~DRC E-Library (online library of ~40,000 publications on disasters)
~Current Projects: Technology, Weather Forecasts, and Warnings
Faculty members from Sociology dpt and Criminal Justice; postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduates
and research support personnel and intl visiting research associates.
The Center conducts field and survey research on
group, organizational and community preparation for, response to,
and recovery from natural and technological disasters and other
community-wide crises Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) at SUNYBuffalo National Institute of Mental Health, FEMA and its preceding agencies, NOAA Sea Grant Program, U.S. Geological Survey, NSF, Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, and Public Entity Risk Institute.   X X     X X X               X     X     X X        
1987 Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland
(U. of Maryland - Maryland School of Public Affairs)
College Park, MD  pursues policy-oriented scholarship on major issues facing the United States in the global arena. University ~Current Projects: Advanced Methods of Cooperative Security Project; the National Intelligence Council Project on the Evolution of the Nation-state; the National Security Council and U.S. Foreign Policymaking; the Jerusalem Project; and the Project on a New U.S.-European Dialogue. full-time staff, research scholars, visiting scholars and graduate research fellows, professors in the Maryland School of Public Affairs, US Aand Foreign visiting researchers. research agenda has encompassed a range of issues, including the use of traditional security instruments - such as arms control, peacekeeping, and the use of force - in the post-Cold War context; the nexus between international economics and security; cooperation and conflict between the United States and its allies; and the process of foreign policymaking, including the role of particular institutions and the impact of public attitudes. ~Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) in D.C.
~National Security Council
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; Alfred P. Sloan Foundation  X               X X X     X     X X   X     X X      
1994 Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management
(George Washington U.)
Washington, DC to improve the disaster, emergency, and crisis management plans, actions and decisions of government, corporate, and not-for-profit organizations by transforming theory into practice.objectives to become: an international center of excellence in crisis and disaster research
a leading provider of crisis, disaster, and emergency management education, and an internationally recognized inter-disciplinary graduate degree program in crisis, emergency, and risk management. 
University ~Journal: Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (JHSEM).
~Recent: A Framework for Sustainable Port Security, by John R. Harrald, Hugh W. Stephens, and Johann Rene van Dorp; Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management,
Graduate Certificate in Crisis and Emergency Management;
Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management and Public Health;
Master of Science with a concentration in Crisis, Emergency, and Risk Management; and
Doctor of Science with a concentration in Crisis, Emergency, and Risk Management
The Institute supports research, education, and professional development in four areas:
Disaster/Crisis/Risk Awareness
Disaster/Crisis Planning
Emergency /Crisis/Risk Management, and
Post Disaster/Crisis Activities affiliated with the University's School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Public Health and Health Services, and Elliott School of International Affairs. n/a     X     X X X X     X X           X       X X X    
0 Wharton Risk Management and Decision Process Center
(University of Pennsylvania - The Warton School of Business) 
Philadelphia, PA to carry out a program of basic and applied research to promote effective policies and programs for low-probability events with potentially catastrophic consequences. Building on the disciplines of economics, decision sciences finance, insurance and marketing, the Center's research program has been primarily focused on descriptive and prescriptive analyses. University ~Quarterly Newsletter available online(free)
~The Near-Miss Project(2000) 
10 staff members;16 faculty researchers from Upenn; 30-member Advisory Committee composed of top level representatives from the public and private sectors. Receives $265,000/yr from Corporate Associate Members.   4 key areas: Decision Processes- Individual and Organizational; Insurability and Risk Management;Managing Environmental Risks;Understanding and Managing Extreme Events. EPA; Corporate Associates: ACE USA,American Re-Insurance Services, Inc.,DuPont,Eli Lilly,Employers Reinsurance Corporation,Johnson & Johnson Safety and Industrial Hygiene,Lockheed Martin Radiant Trust,Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation,National Institute of Standards and Technology,Non-Life Insurance Rating Organization of Japan,Renaissance Re,Rohm and Haas Company,State Farm Fire and Casualty Company,Sunoco, Inc.,Swiss Reinsurance Company,Tillinghast-Towers Perrin,Wachovia Securities,Zurich Insurance Company. $265,000 annually from Corporate Associate Members.              X X X     X X           X       X X      
1976 Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center (NHRAIC)
(University of Colorado - Institute of Behavioral Science)
Boulder, CO  serves as a national and international clearinghouse of knowledge concerning the social science and policy aspects of disasters. University ~electronic bi-weekly newsletter(free)
~bi-monthly newsletter($)
~on-line library on natural hazards and emergency management
~Quick Response Research Program
~Journal: Natural Hazards Review
~Publication Series: Natural Hazards Informer
~on-line forum for students interested in disaster issues
12 staff members, researchers;36-member Advisory Committee composed of top level representatives from the public and private sectors. The Center is guided by a National Advisory Committee comprised of representatives of federal agencies that have an interest in hazards as well as stakeholders from academia, state and local government, the private sector, and the nongovernmental community. n/a FEMA, NSF, U.S. Geological Survey, NOAA,NASA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, USDOT,U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, CDC, U.S. Forest Service, Institute for Business and Home Safety, and the Public Entity Risk Institute. X   X     X X                           X
(extensive info on disasters)
  The Center for Deterrence of Biowarfare and Bioterrorism
(University of Louisville - School of Public Health and Information Sciences) 
Louisville KY  to educate healthcare practitioners for suspecting, identifying, managing, and responding to syndromes associated with bioterrorism actions University ~bioterr simulation labs 9 staff members research, training and consultative functions of the Center will assist government and private sector responders to improve prevention, detection, early warning, and defense. CDC $1.4m CDC Grant, $2.5m HRSA funds (2003)         X       X         X X                 X X    
1999 Center for Emergency Response Technology, Instruction, and Policy
(Georgia Institute of Technology)
Atlanta, GA to provide the emergency responder community with access to enhanced knowledge and technology. University ~training bomb-techs
~inventory of hazardous materials in Georgia database
~Project Atlanta (emergency response)
~Chem-Bio Warning Network
~Georgia Tech Homeland Security Initiative
4 staff members plus researchers bio/chem terror education and training, R&D of technologies Georgia Emergency Management Agency, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI),Marine Corps Systems Command, HLM Consultants
(Leslie Hutchinson), Grady Memorial Hospital (Atlanta),Chemical Casualty Care Division, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, FBI,Southeastern Virtual Extreme Event Research Consortium (SEVEER), and local/state orgs.
Mostly with Marine Corps Funds         X   X   X         X X             X   X X    
2001 Center for Hazards and Risk Research
(Columbia University) 
Palisades, NY  assessment of predictive science capability and the integration of science with hazard risk assessment and management. University ~Identification of Global Natural Disaster Hotspots Project
~Disaster Resistant Istanbul, Spring 2002
~Disaster Resilient Accra, Spring 2003
~Disaster Resistant Caracas, Spring 2001
new center geospatial-demographic modeling, advancing education and research training in disaster risk assessment and risk management (early stages of developing educational initiatives) n/a NSF (<$500k),NASA (<$1m), NATO, SUNY Buffalo, FUTURES, USGS,USC, DTRA,     X       X         X                   X X        
1995 Hazards Research Lab
(University of South Carolina - Department of Geography)
Columbia, SC research and graduate training lab focused on the use of geographic information science (GISc) in environmental hazards analysis and management University ~Journal: Environmental Hazards Human and Policy Dimension
~State Level Hazard Events and Losses Database: 1975-1998
~Spatial Hazard Events and Losses Database for the U.S. (1960-2000)
~Book: The Geographical Dimensions of Terrorism 
10 member staff, 12 researchers; master and PhD research and graduate training lab focused on the use of geographic information science (GISc) in environmental hazards analysis and management n/a NSF     X     X X   X           X             X   X      
1997 Center for Public Health and Disasters
(University of California at Los Angeles - School of Public Health)
Los Angeles, CA to promotes interdisciplinary efforts to reduce the health impacts of domestic and international, natural and human-generated disasters.   University ~Earthquake Survey Data from UCLA
~Pre-Event Message Development
~Public Health Training and Education for Bioterrorism
25 admin staff of researchers and fellows; master program and visiting fellow research and graduate training local and state agencies, Johnson & Johnson NSF, CDC,      X   X X X   X         X                   X X    
1988 Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center
(Texas A&M University) 
College Station, TX engages in research on hazard mitigation, disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. University current: Damage synthesis: Socio-economic impact assessment, Examining Motivations for Resource-Based Industry to Participate in Collaborative Ecosystem Management Initiatives: A Pilot Study, Develop an Evacuation Management Decision Support System, Development of an Electronic Textbook: An Introduction to Emergency Management, etc.
~29 member staff that includes fellows and researchers master and PhD focus in hazard planning, The staff of the HRRC is interdisciplinary in nature and includes the expertise of architects, planners, sociologists, policy analysts, and engineers. United Nations Collaborative Centre NSF, FEMA, World Resources Institute, Australian Research Council, Texas Division of Emergency Management, and Texas Sea Grant Program.     X     X X X       X     X X           X   X      
  Center for Risk Studies and Safety
(University of California Santa Barbara)
Goleta, CA  The overall mission of CRSS is to develop, employ and propagate education methodologies, advanced technologies, and engineering art toward the solution of complex, important real world problems, within the broad disciplinary content of Transport Phenomena and Risk Analysis.  University Of special interest are: Multiphase Flows, Nanoscale Transport in Biological Systems, Risks from Rare and High Consequence Hazards 14 staff members that includes researchers and fellows Our research efforts are aiming to help develop reliable methodologies and assessment bases for globally significant technologies. At this time the work is focused on nuclear power, n/a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, NASA, NSF, Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Comission, Electric Power Research Institute, Imation Voima Oy (Fortum Engineering), U.S. Department of Energy               X       X     X             X          
1987 Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems
(University of Virginia - School of Engineering and Applied Science)
Charlottesville, Virginia  develop theory, methodology, and technology to assist in the management of risk for a variety of engineering systems. University 1. “Site Selection and Upgrading of Highway Guardrails”
2. “Incorporating Risk Management with Critical Infrastructure Protection”
3. “Characterization of Support for Operations Other Than War”
4. “Risk-Based Management of Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery for a Highway Agency”
5. “Development of a Risk Management Roadmap ”
6. “Virginia’s Critical Transportation Infrastructure (VCTIP): A Risk Assessment Study”
7. “Technology Transfer and Extension of OOTW Models to MIDAS Project”   
5 main research faculty (inlcudes Dr. Stan Kaplan) One of the few in the country to apply risk assessment and management to engineering and technology-based systems. n/a Argonne National Laboratory, MITRE, FBI, USDA, SANDIA National Laboratories, Virginia Department of Transportation, US Army National Ground Intelligence Center, NASA, NSF, Virginia Transportation Research Council, SAIC, TRW, Inc., Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Joint Program Office, US Department of Defense, President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection 
X                     X     X       X     X          
1989 Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
(Harvard University)
Boston, MA  to promote public health by using decision sciences to take a broader view. By applying these analytic methods to a wide range of risk issues, and by comparing various risk management strategies,  University Environmental and Public Health 10 faculty staff, 12 admin staff HCRA's analytic approach includes cost effectiveness analysis, risk assessment, risk analysis, and value of information research. Our current research programs focus on medical technology, environmental health, and food and agriculture. Harvard School of Public Health private, public and corporate funding X                     X   X     X   X     X   X      
2004 Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events
(University of Southern California)
Los Angeles, CA aims to become the world's leading academic program for modeling the risks and vulnerabilities of terrorism, assessing the direct and indirect consequences, gauging their economic impacts, and evaluating the effectiveness of countermeasures. University currently planning to explore and simulate the consequences of a dirty bomb attack on LA, Man Portable Aerial Defense (MANPAD) attack, Prolonged Disruption of a Regional Electrical System, Interstate Trade Model, EMERGENCY RESPONSE models, Cyber-Terrorism, Simulation of Commercial Aircraft Threats. First Homeland Security Center of Excellence (DHS), masters-certifcates-workshops on security (distance edu programs as well), 35 member experienced research staff  is developing computer models to analyze the risks, consequences, emergency response, and economics of terrorism. is developing partnerships with private companies, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. $12m over 3yrs from DHS     X   X X     X     X   X X   X
seems to be the strongest center in this area
  X X
seems to be the strongest center in this area
  X X X      
2002 Center for Health and Homeland Security
(University of Maryland Baltimore)
Baltimore, MD  to develop, coordinate, and expand scientific research, policy development, training, legal analysis, government consulting, and scholarly programs within the University's six professional schools relating to counterterrorism crisis and consequence management issues. University Harbor B.A.S.E. (Biological Attack Simulated Event), Local Area Defense Demonstration, Middle Atlantic Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research ($42m SOM), Free State Response 2002, etc. Clearinghouse at UM The University’s six professional schools (medicine, law, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and social work), the graduate science program on the UMB campus, and the University’s acclaimed Health Sciences and Human Services Library form the core of CHHS’s significant resources. state and local agencies (emergency response) depends on each professional school's research (SOM receives a lot for biotech)   X X   X X     X     X   X X           X X   X X    
  Program for International and Homeland Security
(Ohio State University)
Columbus, Ohio  To develop a program that is recognized nationally and internationally as a “center of excellence” for innovative, leading-edge intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research, study and technology development, addressing national security problems and issues. University n/a Clearinghouse Promote and support research, study and technology development within, between and among the university’s colleges, departments and centers. Battelle Memorial Institute and the Science and Technology Campus Corporation.  n/a                 X                       X            
  Homeland Security (network)
(University of California at San Diego)
San Diego, CA Areas of research of UCSD experts: Bioterrorism & Anti-terrorism, Cyber Security, Critical Infrastructure, Disaster Detection & Response, Public Policy. University Information network of UCSD rsearch related to terrorism and homeland security. network only liason between public and UCSD experts/researchers that relate to defense and secuirty mostly engineering and bioWMD n/a n/a X   X                     X             X         X  
  Center for Risk Perception and Communication
(Carnegie Mellon U.)
Pittsburgh, PA  to bring together researchers interested in studying risk perception and risk communication (risk in general) University One area on Terrorism: aftermath of September 11th highlights the need to understand how emotion affects citizens' responses to risk. 9 university faculty researchers and grad students with emphasis on risk comm/perception. host biweekly seminars on current research n/a n/a   X             X                                 X  
1970 Center for International Security and Cooperation
(Stanford U. - Stanford Institute for International Studies)
Stanford, CA  produce policy-relevant issues on international security issues University Grew out of cold-war issues 40 member staff that includes researchers and fellows. Offers courses. current policy-oriented: Chemical and Biological Weapons Issues, Industrial Restructuring and the Political Economy in Russia, Preventive Defense, Project on Peace and Cooperation in the Asian-Pacific Region Project, Strengthening Security and Stability in Asia. n/a n/a X                 X X             X         X X      
1987 Center for International Trade and Security
(University of Georgia - School of Public and International Affairs)
Athens, GA & DC office (est. 2003) Center continues to be a source of reliable information, and remains dedicated to research, teaching and service in fulfilling its mission of promoting greater understanding and peaceful cooperation among nations. University The Center regularly brings esteemed academics, government officials and industry leaders and non-governmental organizations together from all over the world to discuss the issue of balancing trade interests with security. CITS outreach efforts in the NIS and elsewhere have focused on enhancing nuclear security by training facility personnel, educating industry, and evaluating government programs designed to improve security.  ~20 researchers, courses, internships Areas of rsearch: arms control, export control, nuclear sec, regional sec, US/Russia relations, US/India relations. n/a Carnegie Corporation of New York, Delta Airlines Foundation, Ploughshares Fund, Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership,John Merck Fund, United States Institute of Peace, Japan-US Friendship Commission, USDOC, USDOE, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, ian Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, NAS, National Security Education Program, NATO Scientific and Environmental Affairs Division. X               X X X             X   X     X X      
  Disaster Research Group
(Millersville University)  
Millersville, PA  Conduct research into the behavioral and organizational response to disasters, including terrorism; Disseminate research findings; Contribute to the education of the next generation of disaster researchers, emergency managers, and knowledgeable community members; Contribute to the education of current community.  University current: 9.11 PRINT MEDIA CONTENT ANALYSIS, LEMA MITIGATION, RESPONSE & PLANNING TRENDS SURVEY, DISASTER RESEARCH HISTORY PROJECT.  small center: comprised of interested faculty and student research assistants. publishes quarterly newsletter, UnScheduled Events, (UE) for the International Sociological Association's Research Committee on Disasters (RC 39) as well as a semi-annual on-line journal, International Journal of Contemporary Disaster Review (CDR). n/a university grants   X         X X X                             X X    
2004 University of Chicago Chicago, IL Focus will be to research US unpopularity around the globe "to find out why some people dislike the USA" University UC recently named to be the 2nd Homeland Security center of excellence by DHS that will partner with Univ of Southern Calif. Expected faculty from psych, philosophy and public relations. new center being proposed DHS and Uni Southern Calif. $18m for the next 3yrs from DHS. X                 X                         X        
2004 Center for Post-Harvest Food Protection and Defense
(University of Minnesota)
Twin Cities, MN will address agro-security issues related to post-harvest food protection. University UM recently named to be the 3rd Homeland Security center of excellence by DHS. Homeland Security anticipates providing the University of Minnesota and its partners with $15 million over the course of the next three years to establish best practices and attract new researchers to manage and respond to food contamination events, both intentional and naturally occurring. Dr. Francis F. Busta of the University of Minnesota's Department of Food Science and Nutrition will head the HS-Center's efforts. major food companies as well as other universities including Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, North Dakota State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, Harvard University, University of Tennessee, Cornell University, Purdue University and North Carolina State University. $15m over the next 3yrs from DHS to be shared with partners.                   X                       X          
2004 National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense
(Texas A&M University)
College Station, TX will work closely with partners in academia, industry and government to address potential threats to animal agriculture including foot-and-mouth disease. University TA&M recently named to be another Homeland Security center of excellence by DHS. Department of Homeland Security anticipates providing Texas A&M University and its partners with $18 million over the course of the next three years for the study of high consequence foreign animal and zoonotic diseases.   The HS-Center's efforts will be headed by Dr. Neville P. Clarke, Director, Agriculture Bio-terrorism Institute, Texas A&M University. University of Texas Medical Branch, University of California at Davis, University of Southern California and University of Maryland. $18m for the next 3yrs from DHS.                   X                       X          
2002 Purdue Homeland Security Institute
(Purdue University)
West Lafayette, IN First, fulfill educational and training needs of Homeland Security professionals. Second, accelerate the discovery, validation, and implementation of new knowledge and tools for sustainable homeland security. Lastly, engage with key stakeholders in meeting the challenges associated with Homeland Security. University ~computer simulation of terr attack (mass-scale) and how officials respond.
~Measured Response 2004 (MR) 2-day simulation workshop - is a synthetic environment that simulates the consequences of an attack on our critical infrastructure through the use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction or Disruption, and the ability of our government to respond to such an attack.
5 admin staff, 4 centers that includes the Center for computational homeland security. Areas of research: CyberSecurity and Information Security, Biosecurity, Food and Plant Security, Infrastructure Security, Economic Security, Sensor Technologies. several Purdue companies. n/a     X     X     X         X X     X X     X
(seems to be strongest center with high-tech simulation research)
  X X    
1989 Center for Hazards Research and Policy Development
(University of Louisville) 
Louisville, KY integrates the skills of engineers, natural scientists and social scientists in solving problems related to hazards. It conducts research across a broad spectrum of issues including preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery from technological and natural hazard events. University current: Victim Identification and Management Following The Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers: A Report Prepared For The Quick Response Grant  Program 2 faculty researchers small center n/a n/a     X       X X                               X      
2001 Center for Human Performance and Risk Analysis
(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Madison, WI to analyze and manage risk in complex systems involving people as participants.  Their work focuses on topics such as critical infrastructure protection and risk communication to decision-makers, largely from the engineering perspective.  University Modeling and Simulation Environment for Critical Infrastructure Protection, Deregulation and nuclear power safety: What can we learn from other industries?, workshop on transportation security (May 2004). 8 university faculty researchers The center seems to function largely as an organizing center for interdisciplinary research from within the University of Wisc., for work broadly related to human safety and complex systems. will be playing a major role on the USC's team at the DHS center, coordinating the risk analysis work to be done under the grant.  consortium of companies, most of which are in the energy industries.  Past supporters include Amoco Petroleum Products, Constellation Energy Group-Constellation Nuclear (Calvert Cliffs), Duke Power (Catawba Nuclear Power Station), Exelon (Byron Nuclear Power Station), ExxonMobil Corporation, Honeywell Corporation, and Lockheed Martin-Government Electronic Systems.                 X     X     X       X X   X   X      
1996 Center for Technology Risk Studies
(University of  Maryland, College Park)
College Park, MD Specifically, they aim to provide:  objective evaluations of risk assessment techniques, objective recommendations of approaches to meet risk assessment needs, and can develop new approaches or techniques to meet newly evolving needs in the risk assessment arena.   University evaluation of beyond design basis accidents for the newly designed advanced nuclear reactor by Westinghouse: (AP600), A training and risk analysis program for fire risk in Soviet-designed nuclear reactors, specific risk analyses of the Space Shuttle (NASA), FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City,  over 20 faculty and research associates in the A.J. Clark School of Engineering, College of Business, and the Institute of Systems Research.  focuses on three technology areas -- maritime systems, environmental systems, and nuclear power systems.The Fire Protection Department faculty who are also members of the Center maintain laboratories for fire hazard experiments. Scientech, Inc. and the Joint European Research Center in Ispra, Italy, NASA,  n/a                       X     X X X   X X   X
(seems to be the strongest center in transport studies)
2004 National Center for Explosion Resistant Design
(University of Missouri-Columbia - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) 
Columbia, MO  Create new knowledge of explosion environment and blast mitigation technology, Create improved structural designs and strategies for protection from explosion, Investigate the correlation between explosion and earthquake-resistant design methodologies, Technology transfer University Blast Mitigation and Terrorist Bombing, Accidental Explosions and Explosive Safety, Seismic Hazard Analys, Force Protection and Military Support.  15 faculty researchers with background in engineering. A Two-Day Training Course: Explosion Effects and Structural Design for Blast, Baltimore/Washington International Airport, August 13 and 14, 2004.

to serve as a national focus for university-based research to create new knowledge and to improve our understanding of the explosion environment and blast mitigation technology; create new and improved structural designs and strategies for protection from explosions; and transfer the technology through publications, short courses and university degree programs. The Center will partner with other universities, government agencies, industry and consulting firms, to more effectively achieve its mission.  new center     X           X           X X X         X
(new center that wants focus on safety of buildings)
        Center is looking for partnerships with other univ.
1977 Center for Peace and Security Studies
(Georgetown Univ- School of Foreign Service)
Washington, DC committed to examining the full range of military and non-military factors -- political, economic, historical, cultural, environmental, demographic, and technological -- that influence peace and security issues around the world. University project—Grave New World: Security Challenges in the 21st Century—that examined the full array of military and non-military factors that will influence international peace and security issues in the 21st century.
7 admin staff, 8 core faculty, 80 faculty affiliates, 2 visiting scholars, MA in security studies degree four main sets of activities: (1) teaching and training; (2) research and analysis; (3) discussion and debate; and (4) publications and outreach. n/a n/a X     X         X X X                       X X      
2000 Engineereing Risk Research Group
(Stanford University- Management Science & Engineering (MS&E) department)
Stanford, CA  The mission of ERRG is the analysis, mathematical modeling, and management of the safety of engineered systems using probabilistic methods and systems analysis. University Current research includes:Management of the development of critical engineering systems, Reliability aspects of distributed design
Technical and organizational aspects of programmatic risk analysis and management, Medical risk analysis, The management of "Faster-Better-Cheaper" projects. Fields of application have included:Earthquake risk mitigation, Management of the safety of dams, Chemical plants
Nuclear power plants, Command and Control systems for national security,Offshore oil platforms,Space systems (the space shuttle and unmanned spacecraft),Medical risk (anesthesia),Airline safety (maintenance and safety). 
MS/PHD in Management Science and Engineering (risk analysis courses), Professor M. Elisabeth Pate-Cornell and her Ph.D. students. And about 8 faculty researchers from Engineering dpt. The objective is to identify the most cost effective risk reduction measures, including both technical and organizational solutions, in complex systems. Decision analysis is often used to make the final choice among a spectrum of risk mitigation options. n/a The National Science Foundation: "Programmatic Risk Analysis for Critical Engineering Systems Under Tight Resource Constraints", NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory: "Illustration of the Advanced Programmatic Risk Analysis and Management (APRAM) Model", National Reconnaissance Office: Joint project with MIT and Cal Tech "Space Systems, Policy and Architecture Research Consortium"                       X     X   X   X     X   X      
1978 Center for Technology, Environment, and Development (CENTED)
(Clark Univ - Marsh Institute)
Worcester, MA Interdisciplinary research has always been CENTED's forte, ranging from theoretical work on hazard analysis, hazard taxonomies, vulnerability, environmental equity, comparative risk assessment, and risk perception to more applied work on risk communication, hazardous (including radioactive) waste management, corporate risk management, hazardous waste transportation, emergency planning, pollution prevention, and public participation. University Other advisory work: the advisory board of the Energy Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory; various advisory committees for the former Office of Technology Assessment; EPA's assessment of acid rain; EPA's Strategic Options Subcommittee on relative risk reduction; various advisory committees for Sandia Laboratories, and the advisory committee to the State of Massachusetts on hazardous waste management.  Part of the Marsh Institute at Clark Univ that includes about 50 staff members composed of faculty, fellows, researchers plus several post-docs, interns and research assistants. natural and social science research on environmental issues. International research. In 1995, the Greening of Industry Network moved from Tufts University to Clark, and is now an integral and dynamic part of CENTED. The Network includes nearly 1200 individuals from 50 countries and facilitates cooperative research on policies and strategies that are intended to encourage more environmentally sensitive industrial activities and development. n/a Marsh Institute holds about $5m   X X     X X X       X           X       X X X      
1919 Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace
(Stanford University)
Stanford, CA  is a public policy research center devoted to advanced study of politics, economics, and political economy—both domestic and foreign—as well as international affairs.  University National Security forum and Terrorism top-ranked scholars all over the US policy-oriented research n/a $25m per yr X               X X                         X        
1983 Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation
(Univ of Calif at San Diego)
San Diego, CA IGCC is committed to educating the next generation of international problem-solvers and peacemakers through its research and teaching activities.  University Projects cover international environmental policy, globalization, and the deeper effects of the communications revolution and e-commerce on cultures and societies.  25 research faculty, PhD student fellows, student and faculty grants to build research teams from all ten UC campuses and the UC-managed Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories, providing broad-based links to the U.S. and foreign governments, and policy institutes from around the globe. other Univ of California campuses NSF, USDOE, Department of State, USDOD, U.S. Institute of Peace, the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, Japan's National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA), Cnandian Centre for Foreign Policy Development, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Foundation, W. Alton Jones Foundation, Ploughshares Fund, Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, and Carnegie Corporation of New York.  X                 X X             X   X     X X      
1989 Olin Institute for Strategic Studies
(Harvard Univ)
Boston, MA  (1) to conduct basic policy-relevant research on crucial topics of security and strategy, with a view to illuminating the security problems confronting the United States and its allies; and (2) to educate and prepare scholars in strategy and national security for positions in colleges and universities, research institutes, and government. University Conference on the Study of Religion and Terrorism 30 research fellows and faculty most rsearchers have background in political science n/a n/a                   X X                       X        
  Center for Transatlantic Relations: research on security issues
(Nitze School of Advanced International Studies - Johns Hopkins Univ)
Washington, DC The goal of the Center is to strengthen and reorient transatlantic relations to the dynamics of the globalizing world.  Center activities include seminars and lectures; media programs and web-based activities; research projects and policy study groups.  University The 2004 research program includes projects on: Transatlantic Homeland Defense, Strategic Implications of EU Enlargement, Transatlantic Transformations: Equipping the Alliance for the 21st Century, Beyond Kyoto: Meeting the Long-Term Challenge of Global Climate Change, Transatlantic Security and Industry, Foreign Direct Investment and the Transatlantic Economy, New Approaches to Cooperative Security and the Fight Against Terrorism  9 researchers, 2 staff members, 3 fellows. The Center for Transatlantic Relations conducts study groups on current policy issues in conjunction with its research projects. The groups draw together scholars, policy makers, Members of Congress, European parliamentarians and their staffs, analysts, journalists and others from both sides of the Atlantic. Participation in these groups is by invitation only. The resulting publications are made available to the public. Current study group projects include:Northern Europe, The Future of America's Alliances (hosted jointly with George Washington University)
Dual Enlargement: Consequences for Transatlantic Partnership, Program on Transatlantic Security and Industry It serves as the coordinating office of the American Consortium on EU Studies (ACES), a new partnership among five national/capital area universities- American University, George Mason University, George Washington University, Georgetown University and The Johns Hopkins University-- to improve understanding of the European Union and US-EU relations throughout the Washington-Northern Virginia-Baltimore region.  n/a X               X X X           X X   X     X X      
0 Security Studies Program
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Cambridge, MA The Program's teaching ties are primarily, though not exclusively, with MIT's Political Science Department, and courses offered emphasize grand strategy, technology, arms control, and bureaucratic politics issues. The SSP faculty includes natural scientists and engineers as well as social scientists.  University Technical Working Group's areas of research include ballistic missile defenses, nuclear weapons and their effects, ballistic missiles and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and nuclear fuel cycle issues.  13 research faculty with background in poli sci policy-oriented research n/a n/a X                 X X             X         X        
2001 The Program on Science & Global Security
(Princeton Univ- Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs)
Princeton, NJ  A principal additional role of the Program is to train U.S. and foreign scientists interested in informing their publics and governments about nuclear arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation policy options. University current research: The Safety of Stored Spent Nuclear Power-Reactor Fuel- Reducing the Hazards from Stored Spent Power-Reactor Fuel in the United States, 6 rsearch staff and 3 admin staff Technical and policy research for nuclear arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation and cooperative security n/a   W. Alton Jones,John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation,John Merck Fund,Ford Foundation ,Ploughshares Fund, Federation of American Scientists Fund , JJJ Foundation ,Carnegie Corporation of New York ,Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation . X               X X X     X       X         X X      
1991 World Policy Institute
(New School University)
New York, NY renowned for its cutting-edge analysis on managing the global market economy, constructing a workable system for collective security and fostering civil society.  University Current projects: • American Grand Strategy After September 11,• Arms Trade Project,• The Counterterrorism Project,• Cuba Project
• Dialogues: Islamic World - US- The West,• Emerging Powers Program,• Eurasia Project,• Project for Global Democracy and Human Rights
• Global Information Society Project,• Russia Project,• UN Project,• World Policy Institute Lecture Series,• World Policy Journal 
30 research fellows and faculty The Institute focuses broadly on the preservation of democratic values; the protection of civil rights; the advancement of tolerance, fairness, and the rule of law; and the support of a capitalism tempered by social justice. n/a n/a X                 X X                       X X      
0 Department of Engineering and Public Policy
(Carnegie Mellon Univ)
Pittsburgh, PA  Faculty have long had experience and deep expertise in addressing the technical, economic and policy dimensions of civil infrastructure, both in the U.S. and in South Asia. One research area is: internatiional peace and security University biosensor technology for bioterrorism surveillance, risk analysis of the problem of protecting mail systems from terror attacks, systemic strategies to reduce social vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, project to develop a cityscale multi-agent network model (BioWar) of weaponized chemical and biological attacks at the city level. undergrad and grad degrees, faculty research mostly involved in enginnering issues for security purposes n/a n/a                             X     X       X   X      
1970 Peace Studies Program
(Cornell Univ)
Ithaca, NY  In addition to focusing on arms control issues, particularly nuclear proliferation, Program members are concerned with the emerging security issues in the new century.  University small program (network at Cornell) interdisciplinary, undergrad and grad courses The program supports a number of activities during the year focused on our central missions of supporting student and faculty teaching and research, cross-campus interactions, and off-campus outreach. Besides hosting workshops and lectures, the program co-sponsors a number of speakers, symposia, and other special events with other campus groups. n/a n/a                   X X                             X  
2004 Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy: Security Program
(Georgia Institute of Technology - School of International Affairs) 
Atlanta, GA New program: The grant enables the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech to create a structured fellowship for young and mid-career scientists, computer scientists and engineers to study the challenging field of international security policy in the 21st century. Social scientists with expertise in the formulation, execution and teaching of security policy and recognized national security scientists will act as faculty to the fellows.  University Limiting the spread weapons of mass destruction, safeguarding dangerous materials, controlling advanced delivery systems, protecting information systems, combating terrorism, and sustaining critical natural resources are among the subjects to be covered over the next three years at Georgia Tech under a new fellowship program funded by a $1.3 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation to help bring a new generation of scientific and engineering expertise to bear on these critical security issues.  new fellows program, 5 researchers new program: Participants will be recruited nationally at the mid-career, post-doctoral and pre-doctoral levels from computer science, sciences and engineering. Georgia Tech is committed to sustain this program beyond the three-year grant and will add a faculty member to the Sam Nunn School for a jointly appointed associate professor with either the College of Computing, Science or Engineering to direct and coordinate the program to meet this critical national need. n/a $1.3 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation X               X X                           X      
1978 Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security
(Univ of Illinois)
Champaign, IL areas of focus are: energy uses of technology and security; South Asia; democratization in Russia and Eastern Europe; globalization; human rights; and military history. University It participates in the U.S. Air Force National Defense Fellow program, hosting an officer for a year of advanced research and training,
Reinventing Multilateralism conference is the culmination of a three-day workshop which will bring together experts in policymaking, economics, international conflict and security, arms control, disarmament, and nuclear weapons.
40 faculty researchers clearinghouse and policy-oriented n/a n/a                 X X X                   X   X X      
  Center for Catastrophe Preparedness & Response (New York University)                                                             
  Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response                                                             
  HLM Consultants Auburn, GA  n/a private consultancy Dr. Hutchinson was a member of the U.S. National Guard Bureau team sent to Tokyo to evaluate the preparedness of responsible Japanese agencies to respond to terrorist attacks with weapons of mass destruction.  Leslie J. Hutchinson, MD, MPH, FACOEM, President of HLM Consultants, and Sanford S. Leffingwell, MD, MPH, Vice President mostly occupational health and bioterror n/a n/a                           X               X X        
1999 DRM World Institute for Disaster Risk Management Alexandria, VA and Zurich Switzerland The objective of DRM is to enable people to anticipate disasters and take action to protect life and property, and to ensure sustainable social and economic development. private consultancy Methodological Guideline and Teaching Materials for Disaster Risk Management Education, Nicaragua, NATO Advanced Research Workshops: Risk Management for Natural and Technological Hazards, Russia  worlwide network of consultants DRM achieves its aims by filling knowledge gaps, providing a clearing-house for information, building know-how, mobilizing resources, and forging partnerships with governments, private en-terprises, international agencies, and NGOs. ProVention Consortium of the World Bank, Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute,University of Texas at Austin,Wharton School, Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, University of Pennsylvania,Max Planck Institute (Germany),George Washington University,Bogazici University (Turkey),University of Buenos Aires (Argentina),University of Hong Kong (China),Yokohama National University (Japan),National Center for Disaster Prevention CENAPRED (Mexico).   USAID grants, World Bank funds,      X       X X       X X       X       X X X        
1996 the Terrorism Research Center, Inc. Northern Virginia independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism, information warfare and security, critical infrastructure protection, homeland security, and other issues of low-intensity political violence and gray-area phenomena.  network of consultants to private and govt Current research projects include the development of the Project Responder Knowledgebase and an initiative to expand the Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning Group to six other jurisdictions.  maintains a network of terrorism and information warfare specialists drawn from industry, government, and academia in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Argentina, India, the Middle East, France, and Australia. terrorism, counterterrorism, critical infrastructure protection, information warfare and security (including design review, technical assessments, policy development and review, and training), vulnerability and threat assessment (red teaming), systems engineering, encryption, intelligence analysis, and national security and defense policy. Computer Sciences Corporation , Hicks and Associates, Inc., Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism , TrainingCo  n/a X       X X     X X X X                 X X X X      
1965 Abt Associates Cambridge, MA, Bethesda, MD, Lexington, MA, Chicago, IL, Hadley, MA    The Homeland Security Staff of Abt Associates alloys its broad-based experience in evaluation, economic analysis, and policy analysis with domain expertise in biological warfare, physical security, public health preparedness, and technology assessment to tackle the multidisciplinary problems of terrorism prevention, mitigation, and response.  public policy and business research and consulting firm assisted the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory in several aspects related to biological defense, Abt Associates' Public Health Applications and Research practice area and Survey Research practice area are conducting an epidemiological study of active-duty troops deployed in the Iraq War, Web-Based Bioterrorism and Disaster Resource Inventory Tool. around 1000 employee-owners worldwide, 7 U.S. and 2 foreign corporate offices, plus 40 program offices in 25 countries. The founder Dr. Abt heads the homeland security program. The Homeland Security Staff of Abt Associates alloys its broad-based experience in evaluation, economic analysis, and policy analysis with domain expertise in biological warfare, physical security, public health preparedness, and technology assessment to tackle the multidisciplinary problems of terrorism prevention, mitigation, and response. n/a ~$180m per year from revenue X               X X X     X     X X   X   X X        
1988 Risk Management Solutions Newark, CA  offers technology and services for the management of insurance catastrophe risk associated with natural perils such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and windstorms, as well as products for weather derivatives and enterprise risk management for the P&C insurance industry. Today, RMS is also the leader in risk modeling for man-made disasters associated with acts of terrorism by analyzing the impact of weapons of mass destruction on property and people for many sectors of the insurance industry.  private risk management company Risk Management Solutions has developed a U.S. Terrorism Risk Model that enables the frequencies and losses of potential terrorist attacks to be estimated. This model is in use by many leading insurance and reinsurance companies to manage their terrorism risk. over 100 engineers and scientists devoted to the development of risk models. Offices in London, Paris and Tokyo, and 60 client service representatives in offices worldwide. Company employs over 250 people worldwide. More than 400 insurers, reinsurers, trading companies, and other financial institutions rely on RMS to obtain the most complete view of their natural hazard risk. n/a n/a             X X       X X                           management services related to corporate risk
1987 AIR Worldwide Corporation Boston, MA  and San Francisco, CA AIR provides sophisticated analytical tools and software systems to help companies manage that risk. AIR is the world's premier risk modeling and technology firm specializing in risks associated with natural and man-made catastrophes, weather and climate.  private risk management and consultancy company introduced the first fully probabilistic terrorism model capable of quantifying the risk from this emerging threat. made up of scientists, most employees hold PhD. Office in London and India. AIR has developed models covering all major natural hazards, including hurricanes, earthquakes, winter storms, tornadoes, hailstorms and flood, for more than 40 countries throughout North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Consultancy: AIR consultants work one-on-one with clients to help them assess their risk and identify where and how catastrophe loss information can best be used in making decisions regarding pricing, underwriting, risk transfer, loss mitigation, portfolio optimization and growth strategies. n/a n/a     X       X X X     X X                           management, scientific and consultancy services related to corporate risk
1898 Jane's Information Group Alexandria, VA  world leading provider of intelligence and analysis on national and international defence, security and risk developments.Jane’s offers a full range of off-the-shelf information solutions as well as specific tailor-made consultancy services.  information and consultancy firm news and analysis information, covering the areas of security, aerospace, defence, transport and law enforcement.  Offices in UK, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Singapore, Japan, India, Australia, plus an international network of journalists, researchers and correspondents who support the backbone of Jane’s editorial expertise.  Country by country internal and external security and threat assessments, Defence news and analysis, First responder toolkits, Military systems and equipment, Airport news, equipment and services information, Worldwide geopolitical intelligence and news analysis, Terrorism intelligence, news and assessment services, Risk assessments for businesses and industry looking at markets and nations, Worldwide national rail and urban transportation systems, Police and law enforcement news and equipment information. n/a n/a                 X X X                               provides information (news) and consultancy services
  Aon Corporation                                                             
  Technical Defense, Inc.                                                             
  Threat Resolution Limited                                                              
  Hicks and Associates                                                             
  Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (London School of Economics)                                                             
2004 Homeland Security Institute (HSI)
(Analytical Services [ANSER])
Arlington, VA To assist DHS in addressing important homeland security issues, particularly those requiring scientific, technical, and analytical expertise. non-profit public-service research  ~Journal of Homeland Security DHS DHS X   X   X X   X X X X X   X X   X                    
1980 CENTER FOR ARMS CONTROL and NON-PROLIFERATION  Washington DC                                                           
  Center for Defense Information                                                              
1988 Center for Security Policy  Washington DC                                                           
  The Brookings Institution
(Defense Research Topics: Homeland Security)
Washington DC      x                 x x           x                    
1989 Center for Nonproliferation Studies
(Monterey Institute of International Studies)
Monterey, CA to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction by training the next generation of nonproliferation specialists and disseminating timely information and analysis   largest terrorism database largest research & training center on nonproliferation issues, 40 specialists, 70 grad students; nonproliferation studies certificate         x                 x x     x       x                  
  Cato Institute                                                                        
  Center for Defense Information                                                              
  Council on Foreign Relations                                                              
  The International Institute for Strategic Studies                                                              
  Center for Infrastructure Expertise                                                              
  International Center for Terrorism Studies
(The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies)
  Institute for the Analysis of Global Security                                                              
  Homeland Security Policy Institute Group                                                             
1984 Institute for Resource and Security Studies                                                             
  National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism                                                              
1990s Public Entity Risk Institute Fairfax, VA  mission is to serve public, private, and nonprofit organizations as a dynamic, forward thinking resource for the practical enhancement of risk management. non-profit public-service institute offers funding (grants) for risk management issues clearinghouse on risk issues major focus is on assisting small businesses in managing risks Risk Management Resource Center, Local Government Environmental Assistance Network, Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center (Univ Colorado)  n/a                       X                 X     X      
  Nonprofit Risk Management Center                                                              
  Henry L. Stimson Center                                                             
1976 Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis  Cambridge, MA and Washington DC is an independent and nonpartisan research and strategic planning organization that specializes in issues of national security, foreign policy, political economics, and government-industrial relations. private nonprofit research and strategic planning organization  Oct '04: Conference on National Security Strategy and Policy: Planning for and Responding to Threats to the U.S. Homeland,  8 admin staff, 14 researchers, 90 outside consultants from all over the world provide programs and services that include the following:Tailored briefings for government agencies, military planners, and corporate executives;
Public forums for the broader discussion of issues critical to the U.S. policy-planning process;Reports, point papers, policy recommendations, and monograph- or book-length studies for dissemination to a wide audience of key policy makers;Major conferences, seminars, training workshops, and simulation exercises;Quick-reaction assessments of breaking events with The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, in Medford, Massachusetts n/a X               X X X             X   X     X        
2004 Center for Science, Technology and Security Policy
(American Association for the Advancement of Science - AAAS)
Washington DC establish a forum to serve as a communications link among scientists, policy analysts and policy-makers concerned with national and international security policy. non-profit The AAAS Center will provide a way to disseminate the knowledge developed in these and other academic research programs to policy-makers and, eventually, to a wider public audience new center clearinghouse center n/a $2.25 million effort by the John T. and Catherine D. MacArthur Foundation                    X X                   X            
  Mitretek       The U.S. EPA, Office of Research and Development, National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) intends to negotiate on a sole source basis with the Mitretek Systems under the authority of FAR Part 6.302-1 to provide expert advisory services in matters pertaining to rapid risk assessment and homeland security relating to biological defense and terrorism. The contractor shall provide expert scientific and technical advisory services to support the NHSRC research programs in the development of the tools and products to assist in protecting the environment, the public, first responders, cleanup personnel, and government officials before, during, and after a terrorist attack.                                                          
  Center for Strategic and International Studies                                                             
  Decision/Analysis Partners                                                             
  National Academic Consortium for Homeland Security
(Ohio State University)
  International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism  Israel                                                           
2001 Nuclear Threat Initiative  Washington DC strengthen global security by reducing the risk of use and preventing the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.  private funds programs of WMD-issues (more than $38m) ~11 staff members promotes dialague, funding and public-awareness on WMD-issues Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies  private sources x                 x x             x                  
  British American Security Information Council                                                             
  Canada-United States Cargo Security Project                                                              
2002 Terrorism Studies Group      Network                                                          
  Terrorism Research Center, Inc.                                                              
  Battelle Memorial Institute      two-year, $20 million contract to demonstrate solutions for keeping buildings safe in the event of a biological or chemical attack.                                                       
2002 RAND Center for Terrorism Risk Management Policy Santa Monica, CA (headquarters)   private non-profit The Center will provide research that is needed to inform public and private decisionmakers on economic security in the face of the terrorism threat.   research-oriented for issues in the public and private sectors RAND Institute for Civil Justice; RAND Infrastructure, Safety and Environment; Risk Management Solutions (RMS)   X               X X             X   X       X        
1993 Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute  Washington DC to address the challenges to global security and stability in the early 21st century, with a special, but not exclusive focus on the elimination of chemical and biological weapons. private non-profit Terrorism: Developing a Strategic Concept for Communications Information and Dissemination as Part of a CBRN Terrorism Response Architecture, CBRN Terrorism Campaigns: Response Requirements and Capabilities


21 member staff of researchers, admin and consultants. research-oriented for public policy purposes, holds seminars, workshops and training modules n/a n/a X               X   X                       X        
  Public Risk Management Association                                                              
  Risk Management Resource Center                                                              
  Heritage Foundation                                                              
  The Infrastructure Security Partnership                                                             
  Henry L. Stimson Center      non-profit                                                          
  Homeland Security Research Corporation (HSRC)