George Perkins Marsh Institute

Verna DeLauer, Research Scientist

DeLauer The George Perkins Marsh Institute
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477
508.751.4601 phone
508.751.4600 fax

Current Research Interests

Coupled Human Natural Systems, Watershed Management, Cultural Domain Analysis, Social Science Research Methods, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Discourse Analysis, Mental Models, Adaptive Management, Coupled Human Natural Systems, Citizen Engagement and Decision-making, Human Development, Collaborative Learning

Selected Publications

DeLauer, V., S. Ryan, I. Babb, P. Taylor, P. DiBona. 2012. Linking Science to Management and Policy through Strategic Communication. In Stephenson, R.L., J.H. Annala, J.A. Runge, M. Hall-Arber (eds.), Advancing An Ecosystem Approach in the Gulf of Maine. American Fisheries Society: pp. 89-103.

DeLauer, V. 2011. Science Needs for the National Ocean Policy. (Section in) New England Recommendations to the National Ocean Council. Submitted by the Northeast Regional Ocean Council.

Uiterwyk, K., K. Starbuck (ed), D. Keeley (ed), V. DeLauer (ed), N. Napoli (ed). 2011. Ecosystem Health Indicators Report for New England. Massachusetts Ocean Partnership.

DeLauer, V. and D. Keeley. 2009. Assessing Linkages Between Ecosystem Health and Measures to Evaluate Change. Advancing Ecosystem Research for the Future of the Gulf Procedia. Pg. 154.

Delauer V. and R.R. Rosenberg. 2009. Book Review, Natural Experiments. Journal of Human Ecology (August).

McGuigan R., N. Popp, V. DeLauer. 2009. The Complexity of Climate Change and Conflict Resolution: Are We Up to the Challenge? Conflict Resolution (Fall): pp. 16-19.

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Taylor P. and V. DeLauer. 2009. Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Needs Assessment report. Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. 35 pp.

DeLauer, V. 2007. The Needs and Challenges of an Ecosystem-Approach to Management in Massachusetts (report). Massachusetts Ocean Partnership, 22 pp.