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Dale B. Hattis, Professor

Hattis The George Perkins Marsh Institute
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477
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Current Research Interests

The goal of Hattis' work is to bridge the gap between experimental scientists and statistical researchers by representing the causal mechanisms that are likely to lead to biological damage of policy interest. The principal foci of his past work are the use of various biomarkers and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models to improve risk assessment for carcinogens; quantitative treatment of inter-individual variability in susceptibility for a wide variety of non-cancer effects; and the use of Monte Carlo simulations to represent the combined effects of multiple sources of uncertainty and variability.

Selected Publications

Hattis, D., R. Goble, A. Russ, M. Chu, and J. Ericson. 2004. Age-related differences in susceptibility to carcinogenesis: A quantitative analysis of empirical animal bioassay data. Environmental Health Perspectives 112 (11): 1152-1158.

Hattis, D., G. Ginsberg, B. Sonawane, S. Smolenski, A. Russ, M. Kozlak, and R. Goble. 2003. Differences in pharmacokinetics between children and Adults--II. Children's variability in drug elimination half-lives and in some parameters needed for physiologicallly-based pharmacokinetic modeling. Risk Analysis 23 (February): 117-142.

Ginsberg, G., D. Hattis, B. Sonawane, A. Russ, P. Banati, M. Kozlak, S. Smolenski, and R. Goble. 2002. Evaluation of child/adult pharmacokinetic differences from a database derived from the therapeutic drug literature. Toxicological Sciences 66: 185-200.

Yu, R.C., D. Hattis, E.M. Landaw, and J.R. Froines. 2002. Toxicokinetic interaction of 2,5-hexanedione and methyl ethyl ketone. Archives of Toxicology 75: 643-652.

Hattis, D., R. Goble, A. Russ, P. Banati, and M. Chu. 2001. Human interindividual variability in susceptibility to airborne particles. Risk Analysis 21 no. 4: 585-599.

Hattis, D., R. Goble, and P. Banati. 1999. Distributions of individual susceptibility among humans for toxic effects: For what fraction of which kinds of chemicals and effects does the traditional 10-fold factor provide how much protection? Presented at the International Workshop, Uncertainty in the Risk Assessment of Environmental and Occupational Hazards, Bologna, Italy, September 25-26, 1998. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 895: 286-316.

Hattis, D., R. Goble, P. Banati, and D. Burmaster. 1999. Human interindividual variability in parameters related to health risks. "Nugget Session." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis, December 1997. Risk Analysis 19 no. 4: 705-719.