George Perkins Marsh Institute

Stephen M. McCauley, Research Scientist

McCauley The George Perkins Marsh Institute
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477
508.335.8386 phone
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Curriculum Vitae

Current Research Interests

Dr. McCauley is a human-environment geographer who specializes in urban and regional environmental planning and policy-making. His research has examined smart growth and other land use management policies in the Greater Boston Region and their impacts on the forested landscape in eastern Massachusetts. He also works with colleagues in the Socio-Technical Transitions Initiative to promote and evaluate energy transitions in the city of Worcester and in other locations. He uses the frameworks of environmental science, resource geography, economic geography, and socio-technical transitions to understand the complex social-ecologies and environmental governance arrangements that emerge in metropolitan regions. His recent projects include an assessment of sustainability transition in the US electricity system, an eco-city design project in Shenzhen, China, analysis of science-policy linkages in Japan, and participatory action research aimed promoting a broad energy transition in Worcester and Central Massachusetts.

Steve earned a Ph.D. from the School of Geography at Clark University in 2009 and has held teaching positions at Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and The College of the Holy Cross. He teaches courses on Sustainable Communities, Sustainability in Higher Education, and Environmental Science and Policy.