George Perkins Marsh Institute

Octavia Taylor, Research Fellow

Taylor The George Perkins Marsh Institute
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477
508.751.4615 phone
508.751.4600 fax

Current Research Interests

Octavia Taylor received her master's degree from the International Development program in 1993. Since then she has worked in different capacities for IDCE and the Marsh Institute. Currently she is program manager for Laurie Ross and Tim Downs on their NIEHS grant, Strengthening Vulnerable Communities in the Worcester Built Environment. This project involves several areas of her research interests:

  • Community-based participatory research
  • Community-based hazard management
  • Grassroots community action
  • Native Americans and nuclear risk management
  • Sustainable universities
  • Community supported agriculture

Selected Publications

Russ, Abel, Casey Burns, Seth Tuler and Octavia Taylor. 2006. Health risks of ionizing radiation: An overview of epidemiological studies. Worcester, MA: Clark University, March.

Taylor, Octavia. 1999. The human side of Iran. Worcester, MA: Sunday Telegram, January 11.

Taylor, Octavia. 1995. Local networks. In Power, process, and participation: Tools for change, eds. R. Slocum, L. Wichart, B. Thomas-Slayter and D. Rocheleau, 158. London: Intermediate Technology Publications.

Thomas-Slayter, Barbara, Rachel Polestico, Andrea Lea Esser, Octavia Taylor and Elvina Mutua. 1995. A manual for socioeconomic and gender analysis: Responding to the development change. Worcester, MA: Clark University, October.