Math and Computer Science

  • Mathematics:...
  • The abstract deductive science of space...
  • ...the abstract deductive science of number
  • ...the abstract deductive science of quantity
  • ...and arrangement
  • ...studied in its own right, or as applied to various branches of physics and other sciences.
  • Comupte:...
  • from Latin [com+] putare...prune,
  • from Latin [com+] putare...clean,
  • from Latin [com+] putare...settle an account,
  • from Latin [com+] putare...think over
  • from Latin [com+] putare...reflect

"Much more practical are those mental activities and reflections which have their goal in themselves and take place for their own sake." – Aristotle, "Politics"

2013 LEEP Project Pioneers: Math and Computer Science Majors

Saul Ramirez Saul Ramirez '14
Project Mentor: Dominik Reinhold
Working at CIT-Group: The Originations and Onboarding in Jacksonville, Fla. Saul performed statistical analysis of the operational processes occurring in the vendor finance sector. He strengthened his skills in applying statistical methods and programming in real life situations.

Neil OrzechowskiNeil Orzechowski
Project Mentor: John Magee
Software Development Intern at Axispoint in NYC Neil worked on a very small development team where he developed Web services in an agile, test-driven environment, working closely with the team lead and senior architect as well as the other team members. He implemented and unit-tested RESTful Web services in Java using Spring (application programming interface), Hibernate (object-relational mapping) and MySql (a relational database), where the implementation was based around unified modeling language designs written by the architect. Watch his second place speech from the 2013 Hervey Ross Speech Contest.

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