Math and Computer Science

Professor and Student in Computer Lab

Computer Science Research Opportunities

Conducting independent research under the supervision of a faculty member is a unique and valuable opportunity for students. Participation in the honors program is one way to do this. Opportunities are also available to first-year students through First-Year Research Groups.

Internships and Work Experience in the Department

Internships give students the opportunity to gain insight and experience through work with local companies in areas such as finance, actuarial science, statistics, bio-informatics, software design, and networks.

Work experience as tutors and computer laboratory administrators in our department is an opportunity to develop valuable communication and leadership skills.

First-Year Research Groups

Below is a description of the First-Year Research Groups in Computer Science. You can enter one of these groups next Fall, and start doing real research. We invite you to participate which gives you an opportunity to actively do research side by side with a faculty member. There will be no more than 4 students in one research group.

video iconWatch Professor Jerry Breecher's First Year Computer Science Seminar "Seeing is Believing"

Research Group 1: Motion Planning

Have you ever wondered how to move a large sofa up a set of stair without scratching the sofa or the stairs? How to make a rescue robot move efficiently in an accident site to locate survivors promptly? How to design digital actors in video games and computer animation that can move without running into obstacles or each other? How to use computers to minimize surgical incisions and speed up patient recovery? How to design better medication by estimating motion of bio- molecules? All of these are just a few examples of motion planning that has been an active research area of computer science. In this group, we will study various motion planning problems and design efficient algorithms for solving them. (Instructor: L. Han)

Research Group 2: Trading Agents

A trading agent is a computer program that acts on online markets on behalf of one or more clients, trying to satisfy their preferences. The emergence of such agents will have tremendous impact on the way business is conducted in the future. They can book your travel plans, manage your portfolio, handle your online bids/auctions, and even do everyday shopping for you. In the heart of these agents are softwares that apply artificial intelligence techniques to economics and decision making problems. The students in this group will work cooperatively to build their trading agent, design their trading strategies, perform studies in simulated markets and prepare for the official Trading Agent Competition. (Instructor: P. Xuan)