Math and Computer Science

Undergraduate Math Program

Mathematics Placement Test

All students who intend to take mathematics courses or who need to satisfy the University's mathematics proficiency requirement (with the exception of students with advanced-placement credit in calculus) must take the mathematics placement test, which can be taken on-line anytime.

Based on placement test scores, some students will be required to pass IDND017 Foundations of Quantitative Thinking, offered through School of Professional Studies before they enroll in a formal analysis course.

Other students, who place at levels ranging from precalculus through MATH124, must begin in a course corresponding to their placement test scores. This course must not be higher or lower than the test score indicates. Students may challenge their placement by taking backup placement tests.

Math Placement Test Instructions

You can take the on-line Mathematics Placement Test anytime.

  • Login to Moodle with your usual username and password.
  • Go to the Math Placement Course in Moodle and you will be automatically enrolled.
  • At this point, you can read more information about the test
  • When ready to take the test, scroll to the Begin Test section near the bottom of the screen.