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Aman Birbo '13, Junior Graphic User Interface Developer
Aman is employed at the American Institute for Research, a behavioral and social science research organization in Washington, D.C. He works primarily with the Education Assessment Research Department, writing math problems and coding them into proprietary software used to test students nationwide. He reports that he enjoys the job because he's gaining valuable work experience in his field of study and utilizing skills gained at Clark. He plans to earn a master's degree in the near future, and thanks Prof. Natalia Sternberg for her support and encouragement during his time at Clark.

Tim SweetserTim Sweetser '08, Actuarial Assistant
My education in math has been invaluable in two respects. The first is the material I learned...the second is...the logical reasoning I acquired...
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Ryan SchenkRyan Schenk '06, Bioinformatics Engineer
Clark's most attractive aspect was the small size of the Math/CS department, which offered a personal environment where I was able to get to know my professors well...
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Peter SilbleyPeter Sibley '03, Software Developer at Microsoft Live Labs
Peter completed his B.A. in computer science in 2003 and works in software development.
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Moran ShonfeldMoran Shonfeld '03, Financial Software Developer
I loved that the classes were small enough so that everyone had a voice and nobody got left behind. The professors were all wonderful and cared about my success...
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Maria FungMaria Fung '95, Professor
Maria completed her Ph.D. in mathematics at Cornell University in 1999 and went on to become a professor of mathematics.
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