Math and Computer Science

Maria Fung '95 Professor

Maria completed her PhD in mathematics at Cornell University in 1999. Read about her Clark experience.

Why did you chose Clark?

I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to attend Clark, and I was excited to be there because I had heard of its excellent mathematics program.

Why did you chose CSci or Math as a major?

I chose mathematics because it is beautiful and difficult and extremely intriguing.

What do you like about the educational experience here?

I loved the small classes and the close relationship with my mathematics professors. I felt each of my professors was invested in my success throughout my studies at Clark. In each of my classes I felt challenged and supported. In addition, I received excellent advise about graduate schools.

Would you describe some unique experience that you had while studying math at Clark?

A mathematics club was organized during my senior year at Clark, and it became a fun venue for doing mathematics and for social gatherings. I also got to take part in the Putnam Mathematical Competition, and to write a senior thesis in mathematics. Furthermore, I loved doing independent studies on topics that were not part of the regular offerings (e.g. algebraic number theory and category theory).

What did you do after you graduated from Clark?

I completed a PhD in mathematics at Cornell University in 1999. Since then I have been teaching college mathematics, with a special emphasis on courses for pre- and in-service teachers. I am excited to be coming back to Worcester in the fall 2008 to become a mathematics professor at Worcester State College.