Math and Computer Science

Peter Sibley '03, Software Developer, Microsoft Live Labs

Why did you chose Clark?

I wanted to attend a small liberal arts school, and I liked the idea of living in New England. The prospect of the fifth year program also enticed me.

Why did you chose CSci or Math as a major?

I enjoy the analytic and quantitative aspects of the fields. I ended up double majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. I like the constructive aspect of computer science where you combine insight and some of the rigor from mathematics into actual algorithms that you can use as part of software that you create.

What do you like about the educational experience here?

The classes were very small and there was a lot of opportunity for interaction with the professors. The small size of the department also meant that the professors were very excited to explain their research and involve students when possible.

Would you describe some unique experience that you had while studying math at Clark?

I worked on a couple of undergraduate research projects: one in robotic path planning that combined mathematics and CS, and another developing open source statistical mechanics demos in the physics department. The robotics project grew into an honors thesis. The CS department also funded me and a few other students to set up the lab of Linux machines, which enabled us to learn a bit of the gritty details of administrating Unix machines.

What did you do after you graduated from Clark?

I attended graduate school at Brown University for a few years studying computer graphics in their CS department. While in graduate school I also did a software engineering internship at NVIDIA in their hand-held device group and another internship at The MathWorks. I received my Masters and then took a position as a developer at Microsoft Live Labs doing computer graphics and computer vision software development.