Math and Computer Science

Professor and Student in Computer Lab

Job Opportunities

Outside the Department

For job opportunities and internships available while at Clark University and after graduating from Clark, check out Career Services.

In the Department

Please note: These positions are for Clark students only and are per semester.

Teaching Assistant Works with and assists the faculty member in conducting labs (if applicable), grading homework, and holding office hours to assist students in the class. The requirements for this position is receiving a high grade in the course and good communication skills.

Graders Grade students homework for the given class. Must have completed the course to be eligible.

CS Lab Proctor Maintain 30 Linux boxes and assist students in the use of the lab. Works with the CS Lab Administrators to keep the machines up and running. Must have good communications skills and be knowledgeable about basic Unix commands and software.

CS Lab Administrator This position is available for advanced students only. Must be an expert with Debian GNU/Linux. Responsible for software/hardware configuration. Assist faculty with purchasing decisions. Document system and train proctors. Assist faculty with curricula based software, both using and finding. Perform basic hardware and network troubleshooting. Works with Clark's ITS department to resolve network issues.