Granular Sand by Julien Chopin, PhD Candidate in Physics

Sample Chemistry Major Program

Core First-Year Courses: 3/2 Engineering Program

To pick your courses you must first know your desired engineering major at Columbia, such as mechanical, electrical, computer, etc. and the major you intend to follow at Clark. The first year of courses is important to get you through the program efficiently. Your particular selections will vary depending on your Clark/Columbia major selections and AP credits. Below is a list of common first year courses.

Course Name

1, 2 Calculus, Mathematics 124 and 125 (satisfies FA)
3, 4 Physics, Physics 120 and 121 (satisfies SP)
(Phys 110 is not acceptable)
5, 6 Chemistry, Chemistry 101 and 102.
7 Intro to Literary Analysis/English 20 or any other VE courses are acceptable.
8 One more perspective course is normally taken in the first year, but you may choose a course from your major area instead.

Chemistry Track

Note: The credit for the above courses equals the allowed 8 course units per academic year. Students must fulfill the major requirements for Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, ES, Mathematics, or Physics, or choose a self-designed liberal arts/engineering major. See the 3/2 Engineering Committee to discuss the latter. Some majors, (Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics) require you to take summer courses or to take five courses during the academic year to complete the requirements on time.

1st year
Course # Course Name Units Perspective
Math 124/125 Honors Calculus I and II 2 FA
Chem 101/102 Intro Chemistry 2 SP
Engl 20 Intro to Literary Analysis 1 VE
Phys 120 Introductory Physics (with calculus) 1  
Phys 121 Introductory Physics II (with calculus) 1  
Elective -- Historical Perspective (a) 1 HP

2nd year
Math 130 Linear Algebra 1  
Math 131 Multivariate Calculus 1  
Chem 131/132 Organic Chemistry 2  
Phys 130/131 Oscillations, Waves, and Optics / Quantum Physics and Relativity 2  
Art/Music -- Art or Music History perspective 1 AP
Elective -- Values perspective (a) 1 VP

3rd year
Math 244 Differential Equations 1  
Chem 142 Environmental Chemistry 1  
Chem 246 Instrumental Analysis 1  
Chem 250 Inorganic Chemistry 1  
Chem 260/262 Physical Chemistry I/II 2  
Phys 127 Computer Simulation Lab 1  
Econ 10 Issues & Perspectives (a) 1 CP
Elective -- Language Perspective (a) 1 LP
-- Total Clark Credits 25 8
  1. These perspectives can be taken in any order.