Fall 2014 Clark Physics Colloquium Schedule

Wednesdays, 4:15 pm, Sackler Sciences Center, Room S-122 (unless otherwise noted)

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
Wednesday, September 10 Xavier Clotet Fons Clark University Imbibition in a Model Open Fracture - Capillary Rise, Kinetic Roughening, and Intermittent Avalanche Dynamics, Abstract Kudrolli
Wednesday, September 17 Physics Welcome Clark University   Physics
Wednesday, September 24 David Henann Brown University Modeling the nonlocal oddities of dense granular flow, Abstract Kudrolli
Wednesday, October 1 Alexander Petroff Rockefeller University Hydrodynamics and collective behavior of two filter-feeding microbes, Abstract Kudrolli
Wednesday, October 8 Yossi Cohen MIT Where do rivers grow?
Path selection and growth in a harmonic field, Abstract
Wednesday, October 15 Ilija Zeljkovic Boston College Symmetry protected Dirac fermions in topological crystalline insulators, Abstract Boyer
Wednesday, October 22        
Friday, October 24 Fall Fest and Salute to Student Scholars      
Wednesday, October 29        
Wednesday, November 5 Izabela Stroe WPI Rethinking the Early Detection of Amyloid Diseases: Studies of the Alzheimer's and Type II Diabetic Disease Amyloidogenic Precursors by Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy, Abstract
Wednesday, November 12        
Tuesday, November 25, 2 pm, BP-211 Morgane Houssais University of Pennsylvania Insights into the sediment transport from granular rheology, Abstract Kudrolli
Wednesday, November 26 Thanksgiving Break      
Wednesday, December 3 Department Meeting      
Wednesday, December 10 Scott Dietrich City College of New York Probing the Electron Dynamics Behind Quantal Heating of 2D Electrons  

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Updated December 2, 2014