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Spring 2019 Clark Physics Colloquium Schedule

Wednesdays, 12:00 pm, Physics-Mathematics Building, Room BP 122 (unless otherwise noted in bold)

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
Wednesday, January 16 Date on hold      
Wednesday, January 23 Sarah Olson WPI Sperm navigation in complex environments, Flier
Wednesday, January 30 Jörn Dunkel MIT Wrinkles and spaghetti, Flier Kudrolli
Friday, February 1 Sundar Srinivasan Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics Institute - National Autonomous University of Mexico An inventory of the stellar sources of dust in the Universe, Flier Boyer
Wednesday, February 6 Summer Research Experience Info Session      
Wednesday, February 13, 12:30 pm Benjamin Allen Clark University Ph.D. Research Proposal, Flier Kudrolli
Wednesday, Febraury 20        
Wednesday, February 27        
Wednesday, March 6 APS March Meeting and Clark Spring Break      
Friday, March 8, 12:15 pm Tao Hong Oak Ridge National Laboratory Emergent Quantum Critical Phenomena in a Low-dimensional
Molecular Antiferromagnet, Flier
Tuesday, March 12 Donny Pearson University of Maryland Quantum Information, Quantum Memory, and Applications in Rare-Earth Solid Atomic Systems, Flier Boyer
Wednesday, March 13 James Bird Boston University Exploring droplet breakup and rubber band recoil through self-similar dynamics, Flier Kudrolli
Wednesday, March 20 Julien Chopin Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Brasil   Kudrolli
Wednesday, March 27 Katherine Jensen Williams College   Kudrolli
Wednesday, April 3, 3 pm Kelsey Thiem Implicit Social Cognition Lab - University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Challenges Facing Women in STEM: Recognizing and Managing Bias and Identity Threat
Physics Faculty

Wednesday, April 10

Christopher Landee Clark University   Physics Faculty
Wednesday, April 17 Rivka Bekenstein ITAMP, CfA   Capogrosso
Wednesday, April 24 Senior Honors Presentations      

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