Spring 2015 Clark Physics Colloquium Schedule

Wednesdays, 4:15 pm, Sackler Sciences Center, Room S-122 (unless otherwise noted)

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
Wednesday, January 28        
Wednesday, February 4 Brian Camley University of California, San Diego Cell motility in confinement: collective rotation and persistence, Abstract/Flier  
Wednesday, February 11 Barbara Capogrosso Sansone University of Oklahoma Ultracold bosons in optical lattices: a quantum Monte Carlo approach, Abstract/Flier  
Wednesday, February 18 Shenshen Wang MIT Steering affinity maturation to generate cross-reactive antibodies, Abstract/Flier  
Friday, February 20, Joint Physics & Chemistry Departments Colloquium, 12:15 pm, Sackler, Room S-121 Sarita Nellutla Bridgewater State University Application of EMR spectroscopy in Magnetic Materials, Abstract/Flier Landee/Turnbull
Wednesday, February 25 Clark Physics Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Information Session   Physics Faculty
Wednesday, March 4 APS March Meeting and Clark University Spring Break week      
Wednesday, March 11        
Wednesday, March 18 Eric Brown Yale University Shear thickening suspensions, Abstract/Flier

Wednesday, March 25        
Wednesday, April 1        
Wednesday, April 8 Chris Rycroft Harvard University Interfacial dynamics of aggregating and dissolving objects, Abstract/Flier Kudrolli
Wednesday, April 15, 4 pm, Joint Physics & Biology Departments Colloquium Ranjan Mukhopadhyay Clark University In silico evolution of simple biomolecular networks Biology & Physics Departnments
Wednesday, April 22 Academic Spree Day + Senior Honors Presentations      
Wednesday, April 29 Vikrant Yadav Clark University Ph.D. Dissertation Defense. Flier Kudrolli
Wednesday, May 6        
Tuesday, May 12, 2:00 pm Flavio Fenton Georgia Tech From Chaos to Cures; controlling the complex spatiotemporal dynamics of cardiac arrhythmias using a theoretical, numerical and experimental integrative approach, Flier Kudrolli
Friday, May 15, 11 am James Hanna Virginia Tech Catenaries in viscous fluid Kudrolli

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Updated May 12, 2015