Granular Sand by Julien Chopin, PhD Candidate in Physics

Fall 2008 Clark Physics Colloquium Schedule

Wednesdays, 4:15 pm, Sackler Sciences Center, Room S-122 (unless otherwise noted)

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
September 17        
September 24, 1:30 pm, Lasry Room 237 Martina Brueckner Yale University School of Medicine - Pediatrics Department Cilia: multifunctional organelles at the center of vertebrate left-right asymmetry  Kudrolli & Larochelle
October 1 Gregg Lois Yale The Jamming Transition in Soft Materials Kudrolli
October 15, 12:00 pm, Math/Physics 220 Kyuil Cho Clark Upper Critical Field Study in Organic Superconductor "-(ET)2SF5CH2CF2SO3 Agosta
October 29 Williams Wootters Williams College The Entanglement Cost of a Nonlocal Measurement Gould
November 5  1:30 pm, S-121 Isa Zimmerman UMass - Massachusetts STEM Initiative What STEM in Massachusetts means to Higher Education Gould
November 12 Michael Hagan Brandeis How viral capsids adapt to mismatched cargoes - identifying mechanisms of morphology control with simulations Mukhopadhyay
November 19 Madalina Furis University of Vermont
Magneto-Optical Microscopy of Spin-Polarized Electrons Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanostructures and Spin-Transport devices
November 26 Thanksgiving Break      
December 3 Trushant Majmudar MIT Nonlinear Dynamics in Viscoelastic Jets  Kudrolli
December 10 Fan Xiao Clark Magnetic Properties of Two-Dimensional Quantum Heisenberg Antiferromagnets Landee