Spring 2013 Clark Physics Colloquium Schedule

Wednesdays, 4:15 pm, Sackler Sciences Center, Room S-122 (unless otherwise noted)

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
Wednesday, January 23 Timothy Boyer City College, CCNY Is Planck's Constant h a 'Quantum' Constant? An Alternative Classical Interpretation Abstract Boyer
Wednesday, January 30 Germano Iannacchione WPI Image-analysis light-scattering: Probing structure and dynamics of gels and complex fluids Abstract Kudrolli
Wednesday, February 6 Arnaud Lazarus MIT Equilibrium and stability analysis of slender elastic rods Abtract Chopin
Wednesday, February 13 Clark Physics Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Information Session   Physics Faculty
Wednesday, February 20        
Wednesday, February 27        
Wednesday, March 6 Clark University Spring Break      
Wednesday, March 13        
Wednesday, March 20 APS March Meeting      
Wednesday, March 27 Fritz Morgan Digital Lumens Designed in the United States, Produced in Asia Abstract Agosta
Wednesday, April 3 Carrie Crane Physics Colloquium and Art Exhibit Opening Art from Physics: One Artist's Creative Path Poster Kudrolli
Wednesday, April 10        
Wednesday, April 17 Amala Mahadevan Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Channelization in coastal wetlands and in porous media Kudrolli
Wednesday, April 24 Senior Honors Presentations (Part 1) & Academic Spree Day      
Friday, April 26 Senior Honors Presentations (Part 2)      
Wednesday, May 1, Joint Physics and Chemistry Colloquium Steven Winter University of Waterloo, Ontario & NHMFL Magnets to Metals: The Evolving Phase Diagram of Organic Radicals Abstract Landee

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Updated April 29, 2013