Granular Sand by Julien Chopin, PhD Candidate in Physics

Faculty Research

CHARLES AGOSTA: Properties of organic superconductors and other materials in high, pulsed magnetic fields and low temperatures. Experiment and simulation of heat transfer in transonic gas mixtures.

MICHAEL BOYER: Electronic and structural properties relevant to correlated electron systems, molecular studies, scanning tunneling microcopy.

BARBARA CAPOGROSSO SANSONE: Computational physics. Strongly correlated many-body systems, phase transitions, ultracold atoms and polar molecules, superfluidity, development of quantum Monte Carlo algorithms.

ARSHAD KUDROLLI: Far from equilibrium physics, granular matter, biomechanics, and selfassembly.

Theoretical condensed matter physics, complex fluids, biophysics.

ALEX PETROFF: Active matter, experimental biophysics, complex microbial ecosystems, earth science.