Granular Sand by Julien Chopin, PhD Candidate in Physics

Faculty Research

Some Faculty Profiles

Professor Arshad KudrolliDr. Arshad Kudrolli, Professor of Physics, had lights, cameras, and action in the Sackler Sciences Center as a crew from Cineflix Productions, of Montreal, worked on a new National Geographic International “MadLab” film series.

Professor Harvey Gould Dr. Harvey Gould uses computer simulations to understand the behavior of atoms and molecules in a variety of contexts, especially those that are difficult to study using traditional experimental methods.

Professor Harvey Gould Dr. Les Blatt realized that non-science majors, who might never take more than the one required semester of science, needed an approach to learning physics that was tailored to their particular needs. In partnership with colleagues in Clark's physics and education departments, he developed Discovering Physics, a course designed to teach, not just physics, but basic scientific literacy using an entirely "hands on" approach.

Active Matter Research Group

Clark's Active Matter Group consists of faculty from biology, chemistry, physics, math and computer science. They study the underlying processes and cooperative behavior observed in nature and biological systems using mathematical/physical laws to develop models and novel materials. Examples of active matter include humans, bacteria, birds, fish, and other organisms, besides more broadly noise driven motors and pumps such as dynein and myosin, and robots.

Some of Our Latest Research

Charles Agosta, Ph.D.

I. Mihut, C. C. Agosta, C. Martin, L. de Veieros, Z. Bayindir, C. H.
Mielke, and M. Tokumoto and M. Kurmoo, "New approach to calculate the
magnetic breakdown field in the organic conductor &kappa-(ET) 2 Cu(NCS) 2 ,"
Will be posted shortly.

C. Martin, C. C. Agosta, S. W. Tozer, H. A. Radovan, E. C. Palm, T. P.
Murphy, J. L. Sarrao, "Evidence for the FFLO state in CeCoIn 5 from
penetration depth measurements," cond-mat/0309125.

Harvey Gould, Ph.D.

Junchao Xia, Harvey Gould, W. Klein, and J. B. Rundle, "Simulation of the Burridge-Knopoff model of earthquakes with variable range stress transfer, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 , 248501 (2005), cond-mat/0507616.

Yong Wu, Mathias Koerner, Louis Colonna-Romano, Simon Trebst, Harvey Gould, Jonathan Machta, and Matthias Troyer, "Overcoming the slowing down of flat-histogram Monte Carlo simulations: Cluster updates and optimized broad-histogram ensembles," Phys. Rev. E 72 , 046704 (2005), cond-mat/0412076.

Arshad Kudrolli, Ph.D.

"Dynamics of channel incision in a granular bed driven by subsurface water flow," A. E. Lobkovsky, B. Smith, A. Kudrolli, and D. H. Rothman, cond-mat/0505352.

"Maximum angle of stability of a wet granular pile," S. Nowak, A. Samadani, and A. Kudrolli, Nature Physics 1 , 50 (2005). reprint. See related News and Views, and Cover Story. Press Coverage in The Boston Globe, CNN, among others.

Christopher P. Landee, Ph.D.

"S=1/2 Quantum Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic Ladders" J. Giantsidis, M. M. Turnbull, C. Galeriu, C. P. Landee, and F. M. Woodward, Submitted to Synthetic Metals, 5 July 2000.

"Low-Temperature Heat Capacities and Magnetic Phase Transition of the S = 1/2 Two Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnet, Bis(2-amino-5-chloropyridinium) Tetrabromocuprate(II), (5CAP) 2 CuBr 4 ", T. Matsumoto, Y. Miyazaki, A. S. Albrecht, C. P. Landee, M. M. Turnbull, and M. Sorai, Accepted for publication, J. Phys. Chem. B.

Ranjan Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D

"Cell shape and cell-wall organization in Gram-negative bacteria," K.C. Huang, R, Mukhopadhyay, B. Wen, Z. Gitai, and N.S. Wingreen, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 105, 19281-19286 (2008). 

"Self-organized periodic positioning of protein clusters in growing bacteria," H. Wang,  N.S. Wingreen, and R. Mukhopadhyay, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 218101 (4 pages) (2008).