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Two political scientists look at sex, gender, and politics in Trump's campaign


Clark University Professors Valerie Sperling and Robert G. Boatright spoke with WMNF's Rob Lorei on March 31. Learn more about the broadcast...

Trump's bravado reminds professor of Putin's tough talk

The Boston Herald recently noted, “his mantra to ‘Make America Great Again’ steals a page from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s political playbook.” The newspaper turned to a Putin expert, Professor Valerie Sperling, to comment on the bravado of the two politicians.

Clark U. student awarded scholarship from Phi Beta Kappa-Boston


Clark University junior Alicja Gancarz has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Boston (PBK-Boston), a local affiliate of the nation’s oldest and most distinguished collegiate honorary society, in recognition of her strong academic record and for her exemplary essay describing how she embodies the society’s motto, “Love of learning is the guide of life.” Read more


Sex, Politics, and Putin: Professor Valerie Sperling's book explores political legitimacy in Russia

Cover of Sex, Politics and Putin

In her new book, Sex, Politics, and Putin: Political Legitimacy in Russia (Oxford University Press), political science professor Valerie Sperling explores the ways in which politicians and political activists in Russia use masculinity, femininity and homophobia to bolster their legitimacy and to undermine their opponents. Her book has been included in Top 10 books on Russia for 2014, and has won two book prizes, the Davis Center Prize for the "outstanding monograph on Russia, Eurasia, or Eastern Europe in anthropology, political science, sociology or geography," as well as the Association for Women in Slavic Studies (AWSS) Heldt Prize for the "Best book in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian Women's Studies."

Learn more:

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  Blog posts at Oxford University Press: Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin! Celebrating political masculinity in Russia    
  and Pussy Riot's real crime was feminism
  Blog entry by Alexander J. Motly for World Affairs Journal
  Interview with New Hampshire Public Radio
  Blog post at Huffington Post: Why Putin - and Some of his Female Fans - Go Shirtless
  Review: Reviewer calls Valerie Sperling's Putin book a 'must-read'


Professor Mark Miller participated in a seminar about the U.S. political system and midterm elections in Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Mark Miller participated in a seminar about the U.S. political system and midterm elections, which was organized by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Kruunuvuorenkatu, Helsinki, Finland. The Roundtable addressed the issues from the perspective of the U.S. political system, Congress and the nature of general elections… summary of the seminar

Professor Miller lectures at University of Turku, Finland on the political and Judicial role of the U.S. Supreme Court

“Dr. Mark Miller, Professor at the Department of Political Science, Clark University, USA, now the Distinguished Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in North American Studies at the University of Helsinki, gave an interesting and highly illuminating lecture about the political and judicial role of the US Supreme Court at the John Morton Center, University of Turku on October 20, 2014. … All in all, Professor Miller’s lecture was, in its simple format — no PowerPoint, for example — a very good example of how clarity in expression and concrete examples can keep an audience extremely engaged and active; and of how to explain a political culture, the logic of which might at first defy the audience’s own.” (JMC Current issues 10/27/14)



Clark University Model U.N. Team racking up the awards

If you happen to know someone on the Clark University Model U.N. team, you know they’ve spent the past month collecting accolades…Press release »



Students present research and projects at Fall Fest 2014.

The following political science students presented their research at Fall Fest—Clark's annual autumn and spring celebration of undergraduate research and creative work—on October 24, 2014:

Harrington Public Affairs Fellows

2014 Fellows

Daniel Diez '15
Office of the Worcester County District Attorney (Summer 2014 Internship)
(sponsor: Professor Mark Miller)

Sadie Hazelkorn '15
Worcester Education Collaborative: College Readiness Program (Summer 2014 Internship)
(sponsor: Professor Sharon Krefetz)

Benjamin Schaeffer '15
U.S. Marshal Service, Portland, Maine (Summer 2014 Internship)
(sponsor: Professor Michael Butler)

Hannah Snow '15
Legality of A Safe-Haven: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Germany Asylum Process Under UN Standards - Lutheran Social Services of New England, Worcester, MA and Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg and Humboldt Law Clinic Fur Grund-und Menschenrechte of Berlin (Summer 2014 Internship and Research) (sponsor: Professor Michael Butler)

Students present research and projects at Academic Spree Day Spring 2014.

The following political science student who is a 2013 Harrington Public Affairs Fellow presented his research at Academic Spree Day—Clark's annual spring celebration of undergraduate research and creative work—on April 23, 2014:

Matthew Sandler '14
Social Democracy and the Norwegian Parliamentary Elections of 2013. (Summer 2013 Research in Oslo, Norway) (sponsor: Professor Mark Miller)

Students present research and projects at Fall Fest 2013.

The following political science students presented their research at Fall Fest—Clark's annual autumn celebration of undergraduate research and creative work—on October 25, 2013:

2013 Fellows

Bryan Diehl '14

Argentine Worker Self-Management and Anarcho-Syndicalism: A Comparative Analysis (Summer 2013 Research in Argentina) (sponsor: Professor Paul Posner).
(Also recipient of the Lois and Robert Green Urban Development and Social Change (UDSC) Summer 2013 Internship)
Public Art and Downtown Development: Highlights of an Internship in Worcester 's Executive Office of Economic Development.
(sponsor: Professor Sharon Krefetz—Urban Development and Social Change; Political Science)

Liam Kelly Fleming '15
Continuum of Care Management and Social Media Strategies at the Central Mass Housing Alliance.
(sponsor: Political Science)

Chloe Meade '13
The Family Reunification Process for Undocumented Minors Detained at the U.S.—Mexico Border.
(sponsor: Professor Paul Posner—Latino American and Latino Studies; Political Science)

Emily Newton '13
Empowerment Through Self-Will and Determination: A Case Study of Microcredit in Bangladesh.
(sponsor: Political Science)

2012 Fellows

Brenna Merrill '14
(Also LEEP Pioneer and Lois and Robert Green Urban Development and Social Change (UDSC) Summer 2013 Intern)
Debrief of Internship at Girls Inc.
(sponsor: Professor Sharon Krefetz—Urban Development and Social Change; Political Science)

Rian Watt '14
Measuring Intensity in U.S. Senate Races: A Case Study of Massachusetts and Illinois, 2010.
(sponsor: Professor Mark Miller—Political Science)

2011 Fellows

Yohan Senarath '14
(Also LEEP Pioneer) Special Procedures: Enforcement of International Human Rights Standards.
(sponsor: Professor Srinivasan Sitaraman—Political Science)

Steinbrecher Fellow

Patrick Burchat '15
A War of Words: The US Embargo and Cuban Propaganda.
(sponsor: Professor Michael Butler—Political Science)

Barth Interns

Tara Barnes '15
Closing the Opportunity Divide—A Summer at Year Up.
(sponsors: Career Services; Political Science; Urban Development and Social Change)

Deborah Ibonwa '14
A Peek at the Congressional World and the Experiences of Constituents.
(sponsors: Career Services; Political Science)

2013 LEEP Pioneer

Alex Caro '14
Contactless ID Cards at Clark University.
(sponsor: Joseph Kalinowski—ITS)

Daniel Diez '15
A Catalyst for Change: Grant Writing at Jacob Riis Settlement House.
(sponsor: Professor Mark Miller—Political Science)

Catherine Walker '14
USAID Africa internship.
(sponsor: Professor Kristen Williams—Political Science)

Ina R. and Haskell R. Gordon Fund for Undergraduate Students of Holocaust Studies

Valerie Johnson '15
Archiving at the Armenian Youth Federation.
(sponsor: Professor Shelly Tenenbaum—Holocaust and Genocide Studies)


Mai Pham'14
The Viet Vote: An Examination of Voting Trends Amongst Different Vietnamese American Generations.
(Sponsor: Professor Kristen Williams—Political Science)

Chelsea Salmonsen '13
The Inside Account: The Future of the Republican Party According to Massachusetts Republican State Legislators.
(sponsor: Professor Robert Boatright—Political Science)

Miranda Weinstein '16
Internship at the United States Supreme Court
(sponsor: Professor Srinivasan Sitaraman—Political Science)