Prelaw Advising

Prelaw advising is a highly individualized process. A prelaw advisor can assist you in tailoring an individual approach to the law school application process. The adviser communicates with law schools and has access to information such as application, acceptance and matriculation rates that may be useful when planning an application strategy

Please email Professor Mark Miller or call him at 508-793-7233 for Prelaw appointments.

The Prelaw Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty and administrators and guides students throughout their years at Clark, right up to the completion of law school applications. The members serve as auxiliary advisers to prelaw students, particularly in assisting students with their personal statement essays.

The Prelaw Advisory Committee includes:

Mark Miller, Professor of Political Science,
Chair of committee

Judith Wagner DeCew, Professor of Philosophy 

Patty Ewick, Professor of Sociology


SunHee Kim Gertz, Professor of English

John Garton, Assistant Professor of Art History 

Members of the committee are available to review personal statements and discuss application strategy.  Individual appointments for prelaw advising can be made by contacting Professor Mark Miller at 508-793-7233.

Throughout the school year, registered prelaw students are invited to attend group meetings, workshops, panel discussions and lectures. These activities are structured to inform you about law as a career as well as to support your efforts to prepare for law school. If you are interested in signing up for the prelaw listserv please email your name and email address to Career Services,