Social psychology

Social Program Graduate Students

Maho Aikawa


Faculty advisor: Andrew Stewart


Justin Laplante

M.A., Psychology, University of West Georgia, 2012; B.A., Psychology, Muhlenberg College, 2009.

Faculty advisor: James Córdova (clinical program faculty)

Justin is a doctoral student in the developmental psychology program at Clark, with interests in developmental, social, and clinical psychology. His dissertation is focusing on how meditation and mindfulness influences couple's relationships. His research interests include meditation and mindfulness, relationships, and religious and spiritual identity development.


Adriana Medina


Faculty advisor: Nicole Overstreet


Mukadder Okuyan

M.A., Psychology, New School for Social Research, 2014; M.Sc., Social Psychology, Middle East Technical University, 2012; B.A., Psychology, Middle East Technical University, 2010.

Faculty advisor: Johanna Vollhardt

Mukadder is mainly interested in processes of social identification as they relate to political activism. Her particular interest is in the formation of political identity and practice among feminist women who originate from a diversity of religious, communal and generational experiences.

Julia Tran

B.A., Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2012.

Faculty advisor: Andrew Stewart

Broadly speaking, Julia’s research interests include the psychology of activism, feminist psychology, and intergroup relations. She is currently interested in examining factors that predict activism for 1st, 1.5, and 2nd generation Asian Americans.

Michelle Twali

M.Sc., Psychology, University of Utah, 2013; B.A., Psychology and Political Science, University of Ghana, 2008.

Faculty advisor: Johanna Vollhardt

Michelle is generally interested in politically-motivated intergroup conflict and violence. She is currently working on a project examining the social psychological processes of acknowledging past mass atrocities.

Visiting Students in 2016/17