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Clark Psychology Assistant Professor, Dr. Johanna Ray Vollhardt has been selected to receive the "Best Dissertation Award 2010" by the  Best Dissertation Committee of the International Society of Political Psychology. She will be presented this award at the ISPP Conference in San Francisco this summer.

March 29, 2010 Nancy Budwig will serve as Associate Editor of the "British Journal of Developmental Psychology"

Clark University Vicennial Conference on Psychology and Pedagogy Clark Psychology Department as featured in the Archives of General Psychology Article submitted by Dr. Robert Pietrzak (Clark '01), Assistant Professor of Psychology, Yale University

2010, April: Abbie Goldberg is awarded $1800 from SPSSI-Grants-in-Aid Award, Youth and young adults' perspectives on marriage equality and inequality.

The Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues (Division 44, American Psychological Association) Awards Committee has given Abbie Goldberg's book, Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children: Research on the Family Life Cycle, the Distinguished Book Award for 2010.

The National Science Foundation hereby awards a grant of $163,360 to Clark University for support of the project described in the proposal referenced above. This project, entitled "Collaborative Research: Rethinking How to Teach Energy: Laying The Foundations in Elementary School," is under the direction of Marianne Wiser.

Grad student, Stefanie Toise, has received a dissertation fellowship from the AAUW which will pick up right where her NIH Ruth Kirschstein Fellowship ends. She’s doing her data collection with cardiac patients at the Hospital of Saint Raphael (New Haven, CT) who have defibrillator implants, and is working under the supervision of Jim Laird and Dr. Thomas J. Donohue, Chief of Cardiology. Her project is titled "The Efficacy of Adapted Yoga in Managing Psychosocial Stress in ICD Patients."

Cordova Marriage Checkup bookThe Marriage Checkup

James Cordova, associate professor of psychology and director of clinical training published "The Marriage Checkup: A Scientific Program for Sustaining and Strengthening Marital Health" (Jason Aronson) in May. Cordova's book is designed to help couples assess the strengths and weaknesses of their relationships and to develop strategies for strengthening their marital health. Covering such topics as intimacy, sexuality, co-parenting, managing money, and communication, Cordova offers recommendations for improving vulnerable marriages, and offers healthy couples a way to optimize and maintain their marital health and fitness. The book is only available on

Goldberg Lesbian bookLesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children

Abbie Goldberg, assistant professor of psychology, is anticipating the release of her first book, "Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children: Research on the Family Life Cycle" in September. Goldberg's book provides a comprehensive overview of the research on same-sex parenthood, exploring ways in which lesbian and gay parents resist, accommodate, and transform fundamental notions of gender, parenting, and family. The book takes a family life cycle approach, beginning with research on how same-sex couples meet and build healthy relationships, then describing how and why same-sex couples decide to have children and how they grapple with the changing roles each partner must adopt. The book is part of the American Psychological Association's Contemporary Perspectives on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Psychology series. For more, visit

Professor Michael Addis has been elected president of the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity, Division 51 of the American Psychological Association.

Professor Rachel Joffe Falmagne was re-elected President of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP) for a second term.

Good Morning America  reports on Psychology Professor James Córdova's "Marriage Checkup." The crew taped Professor Córdova and a married couple from Webster, MA who have been participating in the Center for Couples and Family Research at Clark University. ABC News: Do You Need a Marital Checkup?

Professor Abbie E. Goldberg is awarded $60,000 Wayne F. Placek grant by the American Psychological Foundation.

Graduate student MySha Whorley was selected as Student of the Year for Division 51 of the APA (Study of Men and Masculinity).