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James Córdova

2010 Media Events

Couples therapy
Natural Health 11/2010
Clark Associate Professor of Psychology James Cordova's "Marriage Checkup" research is the focus of this Natural Health feature, available only in print. 

Bachelorette revisits 'Clarkie' life
Worcester Telegram9/8/2010 "The Bachelorette is a Clark University graduate. 'Yes, I'm a Clarkie,' said Ali Fedotowsky, the star of this summer's 'The Bachelorette,' a popular ABC dating reality show, at Clark yesterday. 'I felt at home here.' … Ms. Fedotowsky's professor and mentor at the time was James V. Córdova, and she told the crowd, He taught me so much about relationships.'…" Fedotowsky's visit to Clark was covered by other media outlets, including the Boston Herald, New England Sports Network and several online celebrity news sites.

The 5 Smartest Tips We've Heard This Year (link not available)
Cosmopolitan magazine, August
"After studying 217 couples for several years, James Córdova, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Clark University, discovered the most important talk a couple can have.  He calls it a love checkup—where you take the pulse of your relationship once or twice a year.  "Our research found that engaging in checkups increased relationship satisfaction," Córdova says.  "Couples felt more connected, intimate, accepted, and safer being vulnerable with each other."

CNN Newsroom – The Marriage Checkup
CNN 7/11/2010
James V. Cordova, associate professor of psychology and director of Clinical Training and The Marriage Checkup Project at Clark University, was interviewed by CNN Newsroom anchor Fredricka Whitfield for a live talk about relationship topics and Cordova's book, "The Marriage Checkup."

Seeking to Pre-empt Marital Strife
The New York Times 6/28/2010
"Does your marriage need therapy? If you're like most people, the correct answer may well be yes, but your answer is probably no. ... 'You don't wait to see the dentist until something hurts — you go for checkups on a regular basis," said James V. Córdova, an associate professor of psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., who wrote The Marriage Checkup (Jason Aronson, 2009)." This article appeared in several other news outlets, including the Indian Express (7/3), and Sun-Sentinel (FLA).

Up Close & Personal Live! with Bonnie D. Graham
Bonnie Radio 5/10/2010..."Dr. James V. Cordova, a psychologist at Clark University, advises couples, 'Assess your marriage at least once a year. Imagine going to the dentist only if your tooth actually hurt. At that point something has gone terribly wrong, and the odds of saving it go way down'. Author of 'The Marriage Checkup - A Scientific Program for Sustaining and Strengthening Marital Health', based on research with the help of a 5-year National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant totaling $1+ million …"

Fight fair to improve your relationship
Women's Day 4/19/2010 "If you've been in a committed relationship for any length of time, you know that fighting is part of the deal. Arguing, disagreeing, clashing mightily over issues large and small not only have their place in a relationship, but most experts also agree that couples who have regular air-clearing arguments have healthier relationships than those who keep their slings and arrows buried deep inside. … After all, 'this is the person whom it's easiest to hurt, so you have to be careful with his or her feelings for the sake of your relationship,' says James Córdova, PhD, a professor at Clark University and author of The Marriage Checkup. Here, 10 rules that ensure your blows hit above the belt. …"

Today's relationships
The Today Show – NBC 2/11/2010
The national NBC "Today Show" featured research on maintaining strong relationships. The network's resident psychologist cited Clark University Professor of Psychology James Córdova's couples research. His book, "The Marriage Check-up," and the University were mentioned by "Today" co-host Hoda Kotb at the end of the segment. (Clip available for download before expiration on Feb. 18.)

Keeping a Marriage Alive: Happy Couples Kiss and Tell
Wall Street Journal2/8/2010
"A former first lady, a rock star who's been in and out of rehab, and a professional poker player can all offer considerable insight into the mysterious workings of marriage. After all, their wisdom is gleaned from decades of conjugal bliss… James Cordova, a psychologist at Clark University, advises couples not to leave it to chance. You should assess your marriage at least once a year, he says. 'Imagine going to the dentist only if your tooth actually hurt. At that point something has gone terribly wrong, and the odds of saving it go way down,' says Dr. Cordova, author of 'The Marriage Checkup.' …"

Book by Clark Psychologist seeks to help couples strengthen their marriage
WORCESTER, MA— James V. Córdova, associate professor of psychology at Clark University published his first book, "The Marriage Checkup: A Scientific Program for Sustaining and Strengthening Marital Health," (Jason Aronson 2009). Cordova's book is designed to help couples assess the strengths and weaknesses of their relationships and to develop strategies for strengthening their marital health.

Clark University Professor/Psychologist on Rachel Ray
Clark Psychologist, James Córdova, discusses 'Marriage Checkup' book and couples' research on the Rachel