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Undergraduate Honors Theses Completed in 2015

Rebecca Bernstein - Discussions4Learning: Efficacy in Rising Language Skills in Children of Diverse Linguistic Backgrounds and Low Socioeconomic Status (advisor: Elena Zaretsky)

Laina Pauker - Religious and Secular Knowledge on the Draft in Israel (advisor: Johanna Vollhardt)

Maxwell Peterson - Major Depressive Disorder and Attentional Biases in the Recognition of Facial Emotional Expression (advisor: Laura McKee)

Naysha Shahid - Lift every voice: Exploring the stressors, cultural attitudes, and coping mechanisms of Black college women attending predominantly white institutions (advisor: Esteban Cardemil)

Max Tulinski - Instilling Racial Pride (advisor: Abbie Goldberg)

Olivia Vande Griek - Capturing Satisfaction: Can a Smartphone Photo Intervention Increase Employee Wellbeing? (advisor: Laura McKee)

Academic Spree Day and Fall Fest

In the academic community, research and creative projects have been traditionally presented for inspiration and critique. Presentation can take the form of a paper published in a scholarly journal, an oral presentation given at a conference or seminar, an exhibit, a recital, a video, or a poster. Since 1991, Clark has sponsored its own presentation venue in the form of Academic Spree Day, held each April. November 2000, saw the first of a similar event for the fall semester, Fall Fest.

Recent Psychology Presentations at Academic Spree Day

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Adherence to Masculine Norms of Help Seeking and Alcohol Consumption. John McCarthy ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm-Reed)

Marijuana and Addiction Outcome Expectancies. Mark Crisafulli ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

Emotional Awareness Focus Group: University Students’ Perspective on Emotion. Alyssa LoGrasso ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Laura McKee)

Relationships between nonprescription stimulant use and academic performance. Alex Guitar ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

Cultural Influence on Substance Use. Salsabeil Bayou ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

The Multiplex Role of Religion and Resulting Attitudes Toward Homosexuality and Abortion. Paraskevi Kambanis ’16 (Sponsor: Margaret Campbell Obaid, graduate student)

The Relationship between Alcohol Use and Misuse in Rates of Impulsivity and Delayed Discounting in College Students. Melanie Dusseault ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

Instilling Racial Pride: Transracial Adoptive Parents Navigating their Children’s Racial Groups. Max Tulinski ’15 (in collaboration with Kaitlin Black, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

Suggested Improvements to Increase Help-Seeking Among Victims of Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, and Stalking at Clark University. Meghan Reilly ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Denise Hines)

Making a Family: How Single Mothers by Choice Define Kinship. JoAnna Pearson ’15 (in collaboration with April Moyer, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

Optimizing Education for Social Issues: The Influence of Empathy on Creativity. Mohamed Ali Elmaola ’18 (Sponsor: Professor Andrew Stewart)

The role of vocabulary in narrative production of English Language Learners from low SES. Rayann Mohammad ’15, DaEun Kim ’15, Rachel Epstein ’16 & Madeleine Fontaine ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Elena Zaretsky)

Does exposure to oral language program Discussions4Learning increase the complexity of narratives among English Language Learners from low SES? Rebecca Bernstein ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Elena Zaretsky)

The Relationship Between Phonological Memory, Working Memory Capacity, and Vocabulary Knowledge Among English Language Learners From Low SES. Hayley Cunningham ’15, Ellen King ’15, Jasmine Galloway ’15 & Brianna Valois ’15 Sponsor: Professor Elena Zaretsky)

The Usage of Counter-narratives in Forming Institutional Identities. Brianna Valois ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Michael Bamberg)

Do college students use marijuana to cope with anxiety? Vladi Highland ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

The role of personality in resistance by Women in Concentration Camps. Emma Durocher ’16, Jacqueline Jimenez-Maldonado ’18 & Odile Irakiza ’18 (Sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

Role of Family Socialization in Female Collective Resistance Activity During The Holocaust. Pooja Patel ’16, Jeffrey Yorke ’16, Emma Sonberg ’17 & Alicja Gancarz ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

What Leads Clark Students to Drink? Kristian Asfoura ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Kathleen Palm Reed)

How mothers of diverse sexual orientations talk to their donor conceived children about their origins. Katelyn Richer ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Abbie Goldberg)

Capturing (job) satisfaction: Can a smartphone intervention increase employee wellbeing? Olivia Vande Griek ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Laura McKee)

Gender and The Holocaust: Jewish Women's Resistance in Poland. Adelisa Turnadzic ’18, Claire Stehfest ’15 & Brianna Mirabile ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

The Influence of Religion on Resistance. Keelia Harney ’16, Maria Laura Pacheco ’16 & Amira Farrag ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

The Importance of Acknowledging Genocide: Armenian and Jewish American Perspectives. Erin Wurtemberger ’15 (in collaboration with Michelle Twali, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

Personality in Predicting Concealed Forms of Resistance. Allie Bunch ’15, Erin Wurtemberger ’15 & Anna Nguyen ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

How Old Groups Shape our Expectations of New Groups. Jiaojiao Long ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Diala Hawi)

Personality and Job Performance. Kaylee Merlow ’15 (Sponsor: Justin Laplante, graduate student)

Social Rejection. Emilie Katharina Backer ’16 (Sponsor: Justin Laplante, graduate student)

Table Talk: College Women’s Discourses Surrounding Food, Dieting, and Body Image. Gianna Bizzarro ’16 (in collaboration with Justin Laplante, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor James Cordova)

Factors Affecting Psychiatric Inpatient Experiences: The Role of Family Involvement. Jia Min Gao ’16 (in collaboration with Kristen Keefe, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

Searching for the Man in the Mirror: Internal Motivators and Treatment Facilitators for Latino Men Court-Mandated to Substance Abuse Treatment. Hannah Kotzen ’15 & Sarah Hartman (Tufts University Graduate, ’13) (in collaboration with Monica Sanchez, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

"Perdiendo nuestras raíces:" The role of religious coping and generational status among Latinos of Mexican origin. Eriberto Mora ’17 (in collaboration with Oswaldo Moreno, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

Measuring Conflict-Specific Victim Consciousness: Preliminary Findings from the Greek-Cypriot Context. Eliana Hadjiandreou ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

A Closer Look at Religious Belief in Psychological Study. Connor Healy ’15 (in collaboration with Margaret Campbell Obaid, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

Does a Collegiate Athletic Program Influence a Student Athlete's College Selection Process. Connor Guerin ’16 (Sponsor: Justin Laplante, graduate student)

Young, Gifted and Stressed: Examining the relationship between campus climate and stressors among Black college women attending PWIs. Naysha Shahid ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

Perceptions of Barriers to Educational and Occupational Goal Attainment among African American and Latino(a) Emerging Adults. Ravina Wadhwani ’15 (Sponsor: Professor Jeffrey Arnett)

Gender and Moral Orientation in Sexual Moral Dilemmas. Turku Hasturk ’17 & Despoina Lioliou ’17 (Sponsor: Professor Andrew Stewart)

(PDF of full program)

(PDF of full program)

Program Archive

Recent Psychology Presentations at Fall Fest

(PDF of full program)


The role of age and intragroup religious differences in predicting conflict attitudes. Jonah Naghi ’16 (sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

Table Talk: College Women’s Discourses Surrounding Food, Dieting, and Body Image. Gianna Bizzarro ’16 (in collaboration with Justin LaPlante; sponsor: Professor James Cordova)

Traumatic Life Events and Life Purpose. Hannah Camiel ’16 (sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

Role of language in shaping cultural identities of Indian American emerging adults. Audrey Dolan ’17 (in collaboration with Achu Johnson Alexander, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Jeffrey Arnett)

Where have all the Queers gone? Missing data on the health of LGB populations. Themal Ellawala ’17, LEEP Fellow (sponsor: Professor Esteban Cardemil)

“Our Kids Are Being Killed”: Media Representations of Constance Malcolm, Lesley McSpadden and Samaria Rice. Danika Gloege ’16 (sponsor: Professor Nicola Curtin)

Victim Consciousness in the context of the Cyprus Conflict: Preliminary Findings and Implications. Eliana Hadjiandreou ’16 (sponsor: Professor Johanna Ray Vollhardt)

What’s Prosocial about Purpose? A Theoretical Framework and Review of the Literature. Eliana Hadjiandreou ’16 (sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

Autism and Aggression: A Literature Review Examining the Potential Courtesy Stigma Parents of Children with Autism May Experience. Kayla Landis ’16, Steinbrecher Fellow (sponsor: Professor Nicole Overstreet)

The Role of Gender in Predicting Conflict Attitudes: Findings on the Israeli-Palestinian and Cypriot Conflicts. Miranda Smerling ’18 (sponsor: Professor Johanna Vollhardt)

(PDF of full program)

(PDF of full program)

(PDF of full program)

Program Archive