The Sciences at Clark

Research Labs

Explore the research of some of our science faculty and students.

Department(s) Principal Investigator(s) Research Focus
Biology John Baker, Susan Foster The Stickleback Lab: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Biology Philip Bergmann Evolutionary Functional Morphology
Biology Robert Drewell Gene Expression
Biology John Gibbons Genome Structure, Function and Evolution
Biology David Hibbett Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of Fungi
Biology Denis Larochelle Cell and Molecular Biology
Biology Todd Livdahl Ecology and Evolution in Mosquito Populations
Biology Néva Meyer Evolution of Nervous System Development
Biology Deborah Robertson Regulation of Primary Productivity in Marine Ecosystems
Biology Justin Thackeray Genetics and Cellular/Molecular Biology
Chemistry Sergio Granados-Focil New Polymeric Materials for Renewable Energy Alternatives
Chemistry and Biochemistry Shuanghong (Sharon) Huo Computational Chemistry & Biophysics
Chemistry Charles Jakobsche Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
Chemistry Noel Lazo Biophysical Chemistry of Protein Misfolding and Self-Assemply in Disease
Computer Science and Mathematics Li Han, Lee Rudolph Multibody Systems
Environmental Science Karen Frey Polar Science Research Lab
Physics Arshad Kudrolli Complex Matter and Nonlinear Physics
Physics Charles Agosta Lower Dimensional Metals
Physics Michael Boyer Nanoscale Investigations of Physical and Chemical Systems
Multidisciplinary see link at right Active Matter