Communication and Culture

Mosiac of Knowledge

Josephine A. Kogger

At the end of each day a letter is read to the girls from “Josephine A. Kogger,” a character that follows us through our journey of fun, friendship and learning writes us a letter reviewing the activities from the day and recognizing different girls.  Below is an example of one such letter:

Dear AKOG Superstars,

Today we started out with an International Music Dance Party, we beat our time in “Zoop!” by a whole 5 seconds, and we talked about our favorite part of the week—Cia, Kim, and Ana made fun tree ornaments!  What a morning!

We then prepared our passports so we could travel around the world…

  • In Portugal we learned a fun hip-hop dance with Barbara. Barbara said that Heather and Chabely had great dance moves.

  • Natalia told us about Columbia, where she is from.  Morgan thought that the flag was really interesting with the yellow symbolizing gold.

  • Next we flew across the ocean to explore Cameroon with Gladys. She showed us her beautiful dresses and real gold hair clip which Keeghan got to try on.  Neffertiti asked great questions about religion and language.

  • Nigeria, as we learned from Jite, has a rich culture of storytelling.  We learned the important moral of not being greedy.

  • Alexis like Vrin's English accent, and…

  • We did stamps with Randi and put powerful symbols on cloth to keep.

I left feeling wonderful and shines with all of the new knowledge I now have about these different countries plus a great feeling of respect for all! I can't wait to tell everyone!