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Becoming an AKOG mentor | For girls who want to join AKOG

Becoming an AKOG mentor

Want to learn more about being an AKOG mentor?

Then you've come to the right place! Here you'll be able to find out all about what a mentor is, reasons to get involved, the responsibilities and time commitment required of AKOG mentors, and other ways to get further involved in AKOG.

What is an AKOG mentor?

AKOG mentors are Clark University female undergraduate students who work directly with the 9-12 year old girls involved in the program on a weekly basis. Mentors are both friends to the girls, as well as role models. Mentors interact with the girls in large and small groups as well as one-on-one through the weekly activities that consist of games, creative writing, discussion, art, and improvisational acting. Mentors form wonderful bonds with the girls and become very important parts of their lives.

Why be an AKOG mentor?

Do you actually need a reason? Well...we could list millions of reasons...
but here are three:

  • AKOG is extremely rewarding! -- You will see amazing differences in the expression, confidence and thoughts of both girls and mentors alike.
  • Fun is guaranteed at AKOG! -- When you walk into the multi-cultural center on a Saturday afternoon it's hard to decide who's having more fun, the girls or the mentors!
  • You can get college credit! -- If you major or minor in Women's and Gender Studies you may fulfill your capstone seminar/internship requirement by participating in AKOG and writing a paper in keeping with the program's guidelines. For more information, contact the Women's Studies Director.

What are the responsibilities of an AKOG mentor?

At our morning meeting before AKOG all mentors go over the schedule to talk about the goals of the day (which often depend on the theme that particular day) and how the activities will be run. In AKOG, we often split up into small groups for our activities. Groups normally consist of about 7 or 8 girls and 3 mentors. The mentors in each group run the activity for their particular group. Other times the entire AKOG group will split up into 2 or 3 groups and mentors help the person leading the activity. Mentors participate in all the activities that we do throughout the day and are often asked to help out with a variety of tasks.

What kind of time commitment is required?

AKOG runs from 11 am to 2 pm every Saturday on the Clark campus, from the end of October to the middle of April, except Clark school breaks. Mentors are expected to come at 10:30 am so we can go over the schedule, and are expected to stay until around 2:30pm to help clean up and have a quick discussion about how things went.

The program is usually 15 or 16 weeks, depending on the year.Mentors are expected to be committed to coming every Saturday. Of course mentors can miss a weekend every once in awhile. However, we ask that mentors miss no more than 3 AKOG sessions throughout the course of a year. The girls get excited to see you every week, and when you're not there they really miss you.

Are there opportunities to get involved in the planning and leadership of AKOG?

YES!! We always encourage mentors to get more involved in planning activities and in helping run the program; therefore there are many opportunities to do so. AKOG has an executive board, which works with the director to run all aspects of the program, and a planning committee that works with the director and e-board members to plan the weekly activities. The planning committee meets weekly, however, these meetings are open to all mentors…any and all input is appreciated and welcomed.

If you have any other questions please contact us at clarkakog@gmail.com, and we will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns. Also, every year we have a general interest meeting for prospective mentors around early to mid September: look for flyers in the UC and the dorms for more information or e-mail us in early September. You can also visit us at the Clark Student Activities Fair or the Community Service Fair (both in early September).

For girls 9-12 who want to join AKOG

How can girls apply to be a part of AKOG?

If you or someone you know is a girl from age 9 to 12, and you live in or near Worcester, Massachusetts you are eligible to apply to be part of AKOG! Please e-mail clarkakog@gmail.com for more information.