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March 2018

Creativity Policy: Conserving Neoliberalism’s Other in a Market Assemblage?

Peter Lindner


Constructing a New Asset Class: Property-led Financial Accumulation after the Crisis
Desiree Fields


Global Production Networks, Foreign Direct Investment, and Supplier Linkages in the Integrated Peripheries of the Automotive Industry
Petr Pavlínek


The New Gold Standard: The Rise of Randomized Control Trials and Experimental Development
Sophie Webber and Carolyn Prouse


Barriers to Path Creation: The Case of Offshore Wind Power in Norway
Markus Steen and Gard Hopsdal Hansen




Special Issue: Spatial Constitution of Markets


Introduction: Spatial Constitution of Markets
Luis F. Alvarez León, Leqian Yu, and Brett Christophers


Remaking Mortgage Markets by Remaking Mortgages: U.S. Housing Finance after the Crisis
Philip Ashton and Brett Christophers



Regulating the Geographies of Market Making: Offshore Renminbi Markets in London’s International Financial District
Sarah Hall


Calming Speculative Traffic: Towards and Infrastructural Theory of Financial Markets
Chris Muellerleile


The Marketsite: A New Conceptualization of Market Spatiality
Mark Kear


Information Policy and the Spatial Constitution of Digital Geographic Information Markets
Luis F. Alvarez León





Book Review Forum on Eric Sheppard’s Limits to Globalization: Disruptive Geographies of Capitalist Development

Bruce Braun, Weidong Liu, Susan M. Roberts, Marion Werner,
Vinay Gidwani, and Eric Sheppard


The Rule of Logistics: Walmart and the Architecture of Fulfillment By Jesse Lecavalier

Jean-Paul Rodrigue






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