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Extra Issue 1998 (Special Issue for the 1998 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Boston, Massachusetts, 25-29 March 1998)
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November 2018

Industrial Diversification in Europe: The Differentiated Role of Relatedness

Jing Xiao, Ron Boschma, and Martin Andersson


Breaking Down the Border: Physical, Institutional and Cultural Obstacles
Roberta Capello, Andrea Caragliu, and Ugo Fratesi


Labor Regimes, Global Production Networks and European Union Trade Policy: International Labor Standards and Export Production in the Moldovan Clothing Industry
Adrian Smith, Mirela Barbu, Liam Campling, James Harrison, and Ben Richardson


The Limits to Private-Sector Climate Change Action: The Geographies of Corporate Climate Governance
Jayme Walenta







Toward Economically Dynamic Special Economic Zones in Emerging Countries
Susanne A. Frick, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, and Michael D. Wong



Variegated National Retail Markets: Negotiating Transformation through Regulation in Malaysia and Thailand
Alexandra Dales


Surplus Labor and Subjectivity in Urban Agriculture: Embodied Work, Contested Work
Luke Drake


Global Salmon Production Networks: Unpacking Ecological at the Production Stage
Felipe Irarrazaval and Beatriz Bustos-Gallardo


Rethinking Path Creation: A Geographical Political Economy Approach
Danny Mackinnon, Stuart Dawley, Andy Pike,and Andrew Cumbers


Making Value Out of Ethics: The Emerging Economic Geography of Lab-grown Meat and Other Animal-free Food Products
Michael J. Mouat, Russell Prince, Michael M. Roche




Economic Geography. A Critical Introduction By Trevor J. Barnes and Brett Christophers

Luis F. Alvarez Leon


Global Finance: Places, Spaces and People By Sarah Hall

John Hogan Morris






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