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Accelerated B.A./M.A.T. Program

The B.A./M.A.T. program is one of the most popular accelerated-degree programs for undergraduates at Clark. Students major in a liberal-arts discipline while beginning a gradual immersion in education courses that culminate in the fifth year. The program puts accelerated degree students on a carefully charted path that

  • fulfills the LEEP philosophy in its gradual integration of liberal education and preparation for teaching within a community of practice;
  • develops professional as well as graduate-level academic expertise; and
  • leads to professional licensure.

The fifth year of study is tuition-free for qualifying undergraduates.

To Qualify for the Accelerated Program

In addition to meeting University-wide requirements for the accelerated degree, undergraduates qualify for the M.A.T. program by taking EDUC 152: Complexities of Urban Schooling before or during their senior year, and by taking two other courses pre-approved by the Education Department in their senior year. Admission is determined after a faculty review of the application and interview. Students enter the fifth-year M.A.T. program soon after graduation, taking summer courses, followed by academic year courses taken in conjunction with a yearlong teaching internship in one of the partner schools of the Adam Institute for Urban Teaching and School Practice.

Students aiming to participate in the accelerated degree program should meet with Andrea Allen before their junior year (call 508-793-7685, or email

M.A.T. General Admission

Clark undergraduates who do not qualify for the accelerated degree program may apply for admission to the M.A.T. program in their senior year. Others interested in teaching who have completed a bachelor's degree may also apply.

Interested students should contact Andrea Allen (call 508-793-7685, or email