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Networks of Inquiry

Amplifying the transformative potential of our work
through participation in national and international networks

Clark University

Classrooms as Knowledge Building Communities

How do we create environments that foster knowledge building communities among teachers and students? We are working as part of a global community of researchers, teachers, and other organizations across the world committed to the advancement of knowledge building practices and technology.

Kate Bielaczyc in collaboration with members of the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology

Clark University

Urban Teacher Education Research Network

How do preservice teachers come to understand and enact powerful and culturally-relevant pedagogical practices? What role does the teacher education program play? We are working as part of a consortium of teacher educators across the nation to document how and to what extent preservice teachers develop the identities, knowledge and practices necessary to become effective urban educators.

Kate Bielaczyc, Thomas Del Prete, Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor, and Jie Park in collaboration with members of the National Urban Teacher Educator Consortium