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Transformative Pedagogy

Clark University

Claremont Powerful Learning Conversations

How can fostering spaces for students to reflect on learning help to create powerful pedagogy? As part of the Hiatt Center's partnership with Claremont Academy, this project creates space and structure for students to talk about learning, both in context of their general feelings on what constitutes powerful and non-powerful learning, and their personal identities as learners in school. Conversations are designed to construct deeper understanding of how students talk about learning, how their feelings on learning evolve over time, and also to create space where learning is discussed on a deep level. A goal is to collect data on how students reflect on learning as well as cultivate a practice of dialogue about learning in classroom and non-classroom spaces within the school.

Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor and Jie Park

Clark University

Designing and Enacting Disciplinary Literacy Practices in Urban Classrooms

How do urban educators conceptualize, design for, and enact disciplinary literacy in their classrooms? The goals of this project are to:

  1. Explore with teachers the literacy practices that are specific to their academic disciplinery literacy instruction.
  2. Design curricula that promote disciplinary ways of knowing and communicating;
  3. Support teachers to research the ways in which they are enacting disciplinary literacy instruction.

In this project, teachers are positioned as researchers inquiring into not only their discipline ways of knowing, but also their classroom practice.

Jie Park