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Youth and Community-based Research

Collaborating with youth, families, and community
organizations to explore the ways that education
can be a force for social transformation and liberation

Clark University

Photoethnography: Family Identity and Relationship with Schools

How can families participating in research be empowered to tell their stories authentically? As a methodology, photoethnography challenges the dominant balance of power between researcher and participant, and can focus on narratives from groups whose stories do not often get told authentically. Using photo-elicitation (Griebling, et al 2013), a method by which participants make photographs that tell stories of their lives, this project seeks to illuminate the stories of parents of school children in Worcester, especially those who have not been included or found success in the institution of education. The goal of this work is to reflect on family engagement in schools and challenge the institution-centric method by which schools often solicit family participation and buy-in.

Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor

Clark University

Re-framing Youth; Re-framing Academic Literacy: Inquiry into Youth Participating in an After-school Tutoring Program.

How do first and second-generation immigrant youth acquire academic literacy practices? The focus of this project is on the experiences and perspectives of urban immigrant youth who participate in an after-school tutoring program, and on the ways in which they come to take hold of academic discourse and language practices. The project takes seriously the premise that educators need not only a different framework for academic literacy, but also research methodologies that foreground youths’ questions, identities, as well as linguistic and cultural resources.

Jie Park