Chang Hong 
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics


Research Interests: International Economics, Applied Microeconomics 

  • Unit Values in International Trade and Product Quality Journal of Economics and Financial Studies, 03(03), 2015, 66-79.

  • Contractual Versus Non-Contractual Trade: The Role of Institutions in China,  with Robert Feenstra, Hong Ma, Barbara Spencer, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 94, 2013, 281-294.

  • The Political Economy of Tariff Protection in China: Evidence from WTO Accession, Canadian Journal of Economics, 46(4), 2013, 1295-1316.

  • Trade Liberalization, Wages, and Specialization in China, Journal of Japanese and International Economics, 26(4), 2012, 561-577.

  • China's Exports and Employment,  with Robert Feenstra, China's Growing Role in World Trade, edited by Robert Feenstra and Shang-Jin Wei, NBER/University of Chicago Press, March 2010, pp.167-199 . Also NBER Working Paper No. 13552

  • Indonesia's Economic Performance in Comparative Perspective, and a New Policy Framework for 2049,  with Wing Thye Woo, Bulletin of Indonesian Economics Studies, 46(1), 2010, 33-64.

  • Global Production Networks and China's Processing Trade,  with Alyson Ma, Ari Van Assche, Journal of Asian Economics 20(6), November 2009, 640-654.

  • Comp¨¦titivit¨¦ internationale de la Chine: Une r¨¦alit¨¦ ¨¤ r¨¦¨¦valuer,  with Ari Van Assche and V. Slootmaekers, Chapter 2 in Le Québec l’heure de la mondialisation, edited by Benoit Aubert, CIRANO, Montréal, October 2008, 37-54. An earlier English version was published as China’s International Competitiveness: Reassessing the Evidence,LICOS Discussion Paper 205/2008, April 2008.

  • China's Foreign Exchange Market,  Financial Investment In China, Chapter 5, October 1997, Shanghai People’s Press (China).

  • Gradual Liberalization of Interest Rates in China,  Shanghai Finance, February 1997.

  • Working Papers  
  • Does Exchange Rate Matter for China’s Trade Balance,with Shang-Jin Wei and Caroline Freund, Revise and resubmit at Journal of Japanese and International Economics.
  • Export Spillovers and Location Choice,with Haoyu Wu, Submitted.
  • Subsidy, Distortions, and Productivity: Evidence from Chinese State and Private Firms,with Xiaocong Xu, Under submission.
  • The Impact of Trade Variety on Terms of Trade: Variety Increase and Substitutability,with Kichun Kang.
  • Evidence on the Convergence of China’s Dual Trade Regimes,with Galina An, Songhua Lin.
  • Industrial Wages around the World (IWW) Database,with Robert Feenstra.

    Work in Progress  
  • Chinese Firm Markups and Exchange Rate
  • Firm Markups and Sectoral Heterogeneity, with Sang Hoo Bae.
  • Trade and Pollution from China Manufacturing, with Wayne Gray, Haoyu Wu, Rebecca Chapman.
  • Exchange Rate and Extensive Margin of Trade in China, with Yoshinori Kurokawa, Yao Tang.

  • Courses Taught (Websites maintained via the network):  
  • Economics and the World Economy (ECN10): fall 2008, spring 2009, fall 2009, spring 2011, fall2011, spring 2014, fall 2014, spring 2015
  • Economics and the World Economy (ECN10FYI): fall 2013
  • International Economics: Trade and Finance (ECN108): fall 2009, fall 2011, spring 2014, spring 2015
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECN206): spring 2009, spring 2011, spring 2013, fall 2015
  • International Trade Theory (ECN207): fall 2010, fall 2013, fall 2015
  • PhD International Trade Theory (ECN307): fall 2008, fall 2010, spring 2013, fall 2014

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