The mor team.

mor is an ongoing project in our lab that concerns automated phylogenetic taxonomy of homobasidiomycetes. mor has been developed by a series of undergraduates and graduate students, most of whom have been supported by the AFTOL project (see Current Research). Shown below (clockwise from lower left) are Janine Costanzo, Henrik Nilsson, Marc Snyder, and Mario Fonseca, in June 2005. Not pictured are Brandon Gaytán, who worked on novel tree visualization applications, and Moran Shonfeld, a former Math/CS undergraduate, who developed the prototype Python script for mor. Henrik worked on mor while he was a visiting graduate student from Gothenburg, Sweden. The others were undergraduates (or recent graduates) when they were involved. Janine majored in Biology, whereas Marc and Mario were CS (Computer Science) majors.


In 2005-2006, development of mor was handled by Ryan Twomey (below, left), who majored in CS and graduated in May 2006, and Pete Stein (below, right), another CS major. Pete has continued, with support from a REU supplement to the AFTOL project.

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