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Introduction to Fungal Biology
Morphological Diversity and Life Cycles
Fungal Ecology
Systematics and Fungal Phylogeny
Fungal Molecular Ecology
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This is the main section of the TFTOL site. It is divided into five areas that can be selected using the Quick Links to Content frame to the left. A copy text from each section in PDF format is available for download by clicking the links at the end of the description:

1. Introduction to Fungal Biology provides a general overview of fungal biology. This section addresses the non-trivial question, "What is a fungus?", and proceeds to describe some of the many ways that Fungi directly impact humans. PDF

2. Morphological Diversity and Life Cycles describes the parts of a fungus and provides examples of fungal life cycles, which range from simple to elaborate. Finally, this section discusses the special challenges that fungal life cycles pose for biologists. PDF

3. How Fungi Survive and Interact With Other Organisms concerns basic aspects of fungal ecology--namely, how fungi obtain nutrition. Lifestyles of various Fungi are described and illustrated, including those of saprotrophic fungi (decayers), carnivorous fungi (really!), and symbiotic fungi (pathogens, parasites, and "mutualists"). PDF

4. Systematics and Fungal Phylogeny describes the recent progress in Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life [hyperlink]. This section first describes general methods of systematic biology, then provides an overview of the major clades of Fungi, as we now understand them. Links to the Tree of Life Web Project pages for Fungi [hyperlink to ToL Fungi page] are included.   PDF

5. Fungal Molecular Ecology includes a review of selected case studies (with references), in which molecular techniques have been used to detect and identify Fungi in the environment, as well as understand the evolution of fungal ecological strategies. PDF

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