Scenes from the 2006 workshop

In our activity on fungal phylogeny, we constructed a phylogenetic tree by hand, based on observable morphology. The tips of the tree included mushrooms that we collected on our field trip, supplemented by images of various reference species (the slips of paper on the table). Later, we constructed a phylogeny for the same organisms using molecular sequences obtained from GenBank. Comparing the two trees showed that there has been much convergence in fungal fruiting body evolution. The protocol for the molecular phylogeny exercise, files containing the sequences, and a printable copy of the reference species images, can be downloaded here.


Sorting similar taxa into piles.

Estimating relationships

The tree!

L-->R: Jason Slot, Dawn Tamarkin, Brian Dempsey, Alice Blatchley, Harmon Hoff, David Hibbett

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