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Our investigations at the Petrified Forest Piedra Chamana have relied from the outset on the help and support of the people of Sexi. We have also benefited greatly from the disinterested and enthusiastic collaboration of Santiago Asenjo Davila and Luis Valverde, whose help with coordination and logistics have been key to the success of the project.

Our stay in Sexi was made more pleasant thanks to the hospitality of the townspeople. We would like to thank in particular to Sra. Elba Davila and Sr. Rogelio for providing lodging and the Club de Madres for providing our meals.

We appreciate photographs made available to us by Herbert Meyer, Jennifer Young, and Nelia Dunbar.

This project, and the larger study of which it is a part, was funded by NSF grant #0403510 to Deborah Woodcock and Herbert Meyer.

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