Faculty Biography

Maurry Tamarkin

Maurry Tamarkin

Professor Emeritus
PhD, Washington University (St. Louis)

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Tamarkin 

Research Interests

Corporate finance, risk attitudes, risk management.

Teaching Courses

Cases in Corporate Finance
Cases in International Finance
Stock and Bond Valuation

Key Publications/Presentations

Bettors Love Skewness, not Risk, at the Horse Track," Journal of Political Economy (1998)
"Do Bettors Prefer Longshots Because They Are Risk-Lovers or Are They Just Overconfident?" Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (1995)
"Statistical Tests of Market Rationality that Document Inefficiency for the Football Betting Market," Journal of Financial Economics (1991)
"On Optimal Production and Valuation Given Limited Shareholder Diversification: Equilibrium Considerations," Management Science (1989)
"A Graphical Representation of Modigliani-Miller Proposition I," Financial Review (1988)
"On Optimal Output in an Option Pricing Framework," Journal of Business Finance and Accounting (1988)
"A Note on Holding Costs and Lot Size Errors," Decision Sciences (1986)
"On Capital Budgeting with Amortized Liabilities: A Technical Note," Engineering Economist (1986)