Faculty Biography

Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang

Associate Professor of Management
Graduate School of Management
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: 508-793-7102
Email: jizhang@clarku.edu
Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Zhang

Ph.D. State University of New York at Albany

Research Interests

Management Information Systems
Knowledge management
Interorganizational knowledge sharing and networking
Organizational impact of technology and innovation.

Teaching Courses

Intro to Management Information Systems
Database Management
Knowledge Management

Key Publications/Presentations

Zhang, J., & Faerman, R. S. (2007) Distributed leadership in the development of a knowledge sharing system. European Journal of Information Systems, 16, 479-493.

Seol, I. & Zhang, J. (2007) “Accounting Students’ Preferences in the Classroom Performance Evaluation System: Online vs. Traditional.” Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 15(2), 72-81.

Zhang, J., & Dawes, S. S. (2006) Expectations and perceptions of the benefits and barriers of knowledge sharing and the successes in public sector knowledge networks, Public Performance and Management Review, 29(4), 433-465.

Pardo, T. A., Cresswell, A. M., Thompson, F., & Zhang, J. (2006) Knowledge Sharing in Cross-Boundary Information System Development in Public Sector. Information Technology & Management, 7, 295-315.

Zhang, J., Dawes, S. S., & Sarkis, J. (2005) Exploring stakeholders' expectations of the benefits and barriers of E-Government knowledge sharing, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 18(5), 548-567.

Zhang, J., Pardo, T. A., & Sarkis, J. (2005) MACROS: A case study of knowledge sharing system development within New York State government agencies. Journal of Cases on Information Technology, 7(4), 106-127.

Luna-Reyes, L. F., Zhang, J., Gil-García, J. R., & Cresswell, A. M. (2005). Information Systems Development as Emergent Socio-Technical Change: A Practice Approach. European Journal of Information Systems, 14, 93-105.