Faculty Biography

Eric DeMeulenaere

Eric DeMeulenaere, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Urban Schooling, Department of Education
Jacob Hiatt Center for Urban Education

Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

phone: 508.421.3750
email: edemeulenaere@clarku.edu


Dr. DeMeulenaere earned his M.A. (1999) and Ph.D. (2003) in the Social and Cultural Studies Program at the University of California at Berkeley's Graduate School of Education. His dissertation research focused on urban students' transformations of their academic identities and school performances.

Dr. DeMeulenaere joined Clark University's Education Department from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he was involved in urban education for sixteen years. Dr. DeMeulenaere taught middle and high school social studies and English in Oakland and San Francisco for eight years. He also served as an adjunct professor in Education at the University of California at Berkeley, the University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. More recently, he was the co-founder and principal of an innovative small high school in East Oakland focused on social justice.

Dr. DeMeulenaere has also worked as a consultant with urban schools, assisting them in transforming their organizational cultures to better serve the needs of students. Since arriving at Clark, he has worked directly with teacher inquiry teams at partnership schools and has continued to teach courses to high school students there.  He works to engage teachers in critically examining their teaching practices and developing more liberatory pedagogical practices.

Dr. DeMeulenaere's forthcoming book, Reflections from the Field: How Coaching Made us Better Teachers, co-authored with Colette Cann, will be available in 2013. His research includes an investigation on the influence of high school sports participation on student performance, analyses of the relationship of school culture to educational change, developing a framework for a "pedagogy of trust," and critical media literacy with youth.  His research incorporates participatory action research, critical autoethnography and counterstory-telling and draws extensively from critical theory.

Recent Publications

DeMeulenaere, Eric. (forthcoming). The Camino Real Story: An Urban School's Cultural Transformation.

DeMeulenaere, Eric and Colette Cann with James McDermott and Chad Malone (2013). Lessons from the Field: How Coaching Made Us Better Teachers. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Cann, Colette and Eric DeMeulenaere. (2012). "Critical Co-constructed Autoethnography," Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies.

DeMeulenaere, Eric. (2012). "Toward a Pedagogy of Trust," In Sarah Michaels and Curt Dudley-Martin (Eds.) Places where ALL children learn: The power of high expectation curricula with low achieving students. New York: Teachers College Press.

DeMeulenaere, Eric. (2010). "Playing the Game: Sports as a Force for Promoting and a Strategy for Negotiating the Improvement of Urban Students' Academic Performances," The Journal of Cultural Diversity: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 17(4). Lisle, IL: Tucker Publications, Inc.

Cann, Colette and Eric DeMeulenaere. (2010). "Forged in the Crucibles of Difference—Building Discordant Communities," Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education. 7(1). 41-53.

DeMeulenaere, Eric (2009). "Fluid Identities: Black Students Negotiating the Transformation of Their Academic Identities and School Preformances," International Journal of Critical Pedagogy. 2(1). 30-48.

Courses Taught

  • Critical Pedagogies (EDUC 281/381)
  • Ethnography at School (EDUC 255)
  • Complexities of Urban Education (EDUC 152)
  • Teaching and Learning Part I (EDUC 311)