Faculty Biography

ELISA MARTÍNEZ is currently guest lecturer of the IDCE graduate course Gender, Power, and the Challenge of Measuring Social Change. She is CARE’s senior program advisor for Impact Inquiry, and coordinator for the Strategic Impact Inquiry on Women’s Empowerment. Here she looks across a current program of nearly 1000 projects, and as far back as 30 years, to determine how the organization has contributed to lasting changes in the material conditions and social positions of women in the countries where CARE works. The Strategic Impact Inquiry on Women’s Empowerment began in 2005, and is now in its third and final phase of field research. Before joining the start-up Impact Measurement and Learning Team in 2004, she served for five years as CARE USA’s senior programming advisor for gender equity and a core member of the team charged with the integration of gender, diversity, rights, advocacy, and livelihoods lenses into a coherent rights-based programming framework for the organization.