Faculty Biography

Maureen Reddy

Maureen Reddy, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Practice
Department of Education
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

phone: 508.793.7293
email: mreddy@clarku.edu


Maureen Reddy has an Ed.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (Language and Literacy Program). She also earned an M.Ed. in Reading and Language Arts from Worcester State College, and a B.A. from Harvard/Radcliffe in Classics and Allied Fields (Latin and English).

Her interests include reading and writing development, invented spelling, classroom discourse, children's literature, and teacher research.

Dr. Reddy's current research focuses on children's understanding of the complex literary narratives represented by postmodern picture books.

Dr. Reddy's clinical work is focused at the Elementary level, and currently centers on the Goddard School, a partner in the Clark - Worcester Public Schools Collaborative, where she supervises Clark practicum and pre-practicum students, and works with teachers on mentoring issues and the development of their own practice.

Courses currently taught or co-taught:

Ways of Knowing: Humanities
Literacy Development
Teaching and Learning II & III
M.A. Ways of Knowing Seminar
M.A.T. Elementary Practicum
Curriculum & Knowing in the Humanities (Summer Institute)


Reddy, M., Jacobs, P., McCrohon, C., & Herrenkohl, L. (1998). Creating scientific communities in elementary classrooms. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Reddy, M.F., & Daiute, C., The social construction of spelling. In C. Daiute (Ed.), The Development of Literacy through Social Interaction (pp. 76-96). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.