Faculty Biography

Robert Krim

Visiting Assistant Professor of Management
PhD/MBA  Boston College
MA US History, Univ. of California, Berkeley
MA Economics, Goddard College
BA Political Science Harvard College (Cum Laude)
Carlson Hall, Room 127
Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Krim


What drives innovation in a region over time? ” is the focus of Dr. Krim’s research and his Innovation course, which is often called -  the “Bump & Connect” Theory.  His work combined entrepreneurship, history, and economics in a way that looks at why Massachusetts has been one of the top areas for global innovation over 4 centuries.  He founded and headed up two start-ups which he turned into successful not-for-profits, leading him to teach Social Entrepreneurship. 

With graduate degrees including a Joint PhD/MBA, an MA in Economics, a MA in US History, as well as a Harvard BA, Krim combines twenty-five years as a business leader with cutting edge academic ideas to teach MBA courses like Cultivating Innovation, Business in Society as well as Organizational Behavior  undergrad.   His research and business models have led the UN to send him to Colombia to help contain drug cartels, and to New Zealand to help with heritage tourism.


Teaching Courses

Business in Society (MGMT 4709)
Cultivating &  Managing Innovation (MGMT 5808)
Management and Behavioral Principles (MGMT 210)
Social Entrepreneurship  (MGMT 5900)  
Creating Effective Organizations—Leadership (MGMT 4302)

Research Interests

Drivers of Regional and Organizational Innovation, Teams/organizations, Mass. Innovation history

Key Publications/Presentations

“Sensemaking, Sensegiving and Leadership in Strategic Organizational Development,” Advances in Qualitative Research, Volume 2, pp. 37-71 1999. with Dr. Jean Bartunek, Raul Necochea, & Margaret Humphries.  (Leadership at Boston Management Consortium)

"Designing Organizational Solutions to Integrate Work and Family," Paula Rayman, Lotte Bailyn, Jillian Dickert and Francoise Carre with Maureen Harvey, Robert M. Krim and Robert Read, Women in Management Review, Vol. 14, Issue #5, 1998.

"Managing to Learn: Action Inquiry in City Hall," chapter in Human Inquiry in Action, edited by Peter Reason (Sage, 1988).

"Quality of Worklife in City Hall: Toward an Integration of Political and Organizational Realities," with Michael B. Arthur in Public Administration Quarterly, Volume 13, No. 1 (Spring, 1989), Organizational Development Symposium IV.

As a result of the History & Innovation Collaborative’s achievements, chosen as Fulbright Senior Specialist, worked with the New Zealand Trust for Historic Places, 2005.   Presentations & Sessions with historical groups in Wellington, Massa University’s Maori Museum Studies Program, and Christ Church.    

 “At the Corner of History & Innovation: The Boston History & Innovation Collaborative’s Impact on Public Policy,”  The Public Historian, refereed article, National Council on Public History, May, 2010.

“Silicon Valley vs. Greater Boston: Innovation,”  Distinguished Speaker, Google,  May, 2008.

Innovate Boston! Shaping the Future from Our Past: Four Amazing Centuries of Innovation, a Report, by the Boston History & Innovation Collaborative, funded by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.

Organizations/Leadership - in the Practice of Management

Boston Management Consortium, Founder and Executive Director 1990-96
Boston History & Innovation Collaborative, Founder and Executive Director, 1997-2010