Faculty Biography

Juan Pablo Rivera, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Department of Language, Literature and Culture
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

phone: 1.508.793.7236
email: jprivera@clarku.edu


Dr. Rivera received his B.A. from Yale University, and his A.M. and Ph.D. from Harvard University. He has been at Clark since 2012. His research interests include contemporary poetics, the study of gender and sexuality, feminism, psychoanalysis, race, and Latin American critical thought. He teaches Spanish language courses at all levels, as well as advanced undergraduate courses on Latin American literature and culture. His courses often deal with representations of Latin American youth, of gay, lesbian, bi, queer and trans characters, and of technologies of body modification. As a member of the team-taught course The National Imagination, he has guided students through Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude.  

Selected Publications

La fuga de cerebros (poemas). San Juan: Isla Negra Editores, 2015. Print, 94 pages.  

"En Simone, La guaracha resuena." Cuadrivium: Revista del Departamento de Español del Recinto de Humacao, UPR. Número especial: Homenaje a Luis Rafael Sánchez. By invitation. April, 2015. Print, 10 ms. pp.  

"Carpentier, Alejo" (Cuba). Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography. Eds. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Franklin K. Knight. New York: Oxford University Press, 2015 (expected).  Print, 6 ms. pp.

Lección errante: Mayra Santos-Febres y el Caribe contemporáneo. Book of essays by new and established scholars, co-edited with Dr. Nadia Celis of Bowdoin College. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Isla Negra Editores, 2011. Print, 282 pages.

Review of Queer Ricans: Cultures and Sexualities in the Diaspora, by Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes. Published in Cambridge University Press's Journal of Latin American Studies 44.2 (2012): 396-397. Print.

"'To Make the One Impossible': Queerness and Multilingualism in the Poetry of Francisco X. Alarcón." Confluencia: Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Special Section on Chicano Literature 26.1 (2010): 98-111. Print.

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"Cabeza colosal: La raza y la guerra de escrituras en Colibrí de Severo Sarduy." Delaware Review of Latin American Studies 11.1 (2010): np. Web.

“Heterofilia: El modelo heterosexual en la crítica del Inca Garcilaso." Chasqui: Revista de Literatura Latinoamericana 36 (2007): 96-107. Print.