Faculty Biography

Jie Tian - Clark University

Jie Tian, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment
Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Email: jietian@clarku.edu
Phone: (508) 793-7527

Professional Website

I grew up in North China and obtained my undergraduate training in Earth Science (major) and General Science (minor) at Beijing University, China (1997-2001). Soon after my graduation, I went to Canada to pursue my graduate degrees in Geographic Information Science (GIS) as it has always been a fascinating field for me. I received my PhD (2009) and Master's (2004) both in GIS from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario and The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, respectively. Before joining Clark as an Assistant Professor in GIS (2012), I had also taught and conducted research at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and Georgia Southern University.

My recent research has been focused on the application of GIS, Remote Sensing, and Geostatistics in Environmental Modeling, Land Use Change, and Public Health. For example, I have studied: 1) the air quality in Ontario through the integrative analysis of remotely sensed data and ground-based data, 2) the spatial-temporal pattern of low birth weight prevalence rate in Georgia using GIS, and 3) the impact of urban expansion on wetlands in Beijing.


Ph.D. Geography, Queen’s University (2009)

M.S. Geography, University of Western Ontario (2004)

B.S. Earth Science, Beijing University (2001)


Research Interests

Geographic Information Science and Systems, Spatial-temporal Analysis, Geocomputation, Web Mapping and Open Source GIS, Land use and land cover classification, Remote Sensing and Image Processing, Spatial Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Selected Publications

Tu, W., S. Tedders, and J. Tian (2012) An exploratory spatial data analysis of low birth weight prevalence in Georgia, Applied Geography, 32 (2): 195-207

Li, L., J. Tian, R. Piltner, X. Zhang, and J. Holt (2011) Estimating Population Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter in the Conterminous U.S. using Shape Function-based Spatiotemporal Interpolation Method Journal of Computing, 1(4)

Chen, D., J. Cunningham, K. Mooreb, and J. Tian (2011) Spatial and Temporal Aberration Detection Methods for Disease Outbreaks in Syndromic Surveillance Systems, Annals of GIS,17 (4): 211-220

Zhao, Y., C. He, and J. Tian (2011) Improve the change vector analysis in multi-spectral space by using the cross-correlogram spectral matching, International Journal of Remote Sensing(Accepted).

He, C., J. Tian, and D. Hu (2011) Simulation of the spatial stress of urban expansion on the wetlands in Beijing, China using a GIS assessment model,Landscape and Urban Planning 101(3): 269-277.

Tian, J. and D. Chen (2010)Spectral, Spatial and Temporal Sensitivity of Correlating MODIS aerosol optical depth with ground-based PM2.5 across southern Ontario, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 34 (2):119-128.

Tian, J. and D. Chen (2009) A semi-empirical model for predicting ground-level fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentration from satellite remote sensing and ground-based meteorological Measurements, Remote Sensing of Environment,114 (2): 221-229.

Tian, J. and D. Chen (2007) Optimization in multi-scale segmentation of high-resolution images for artificial feature recognition, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 28(20):4625-4644.

Tian, J. and D. Chen (2007). Evaluating satellite-based measurements for mapping air quality in Ontario, Canada, Journal of Environmental Informatics, 10(1): 30-36.