Faculty Biography

Margarete Arndt

Margarete Arndt

Professor Emerita
DBA, Boston University

E-mail: marndt@clarku.edu

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Arndt

Research Interests

History of hospital administration as an occupation, transfer of business practices into hospitals

Teaching Courses

Leadership and Decision Making
Women in Management

Key Publications/Presentations

Arndt, M. and B. Bigelow. 2007. Hospital administration in the early 1900s: Visions for the future and the reality of daily practice. Journal of Healthcare Management 52(1):34-37

Arndt, M. and B. Bigelow. 2006. Towards the creation of an institutional logic for the management of hospitals: Efficiency in the early nineteen hundreds.  Medical Care Research and Review 63(3):369-394

Arndt, M. and B. Bigelow. 2005. Professionalizing and masculinizing a female occupation: The reconceptualization of hospital administration. Administrative Science Quarterly. 5O:233-261

Arndt, M. and B. Bigelow. 2000. Presenting structural innovation in an institutional environment: Hospitals' use of impression management. Administrative Science Quarterly. 45(3)

Arndt, M. and B. Bigelow. 2000. The transfer of business practices into hospitals: History and implications. Advances in Health Care Management. JAI Press, Inc. vol. 1

Bigelow, B. and M. Arndt. 1999. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Health Care Management Review. 25(1):65-72