Faculty Biography

Moustafa Abu El Fadl, PhD, CFA 

Visiting Assistant Professor, Finance
MBA, University of Arizona
PhD, Old Dominion University


Raised in Cairo, Egypt, Moustafa Abu El Fadl came to the United States to pursue graduate studies in finance. After receiving an M.B.A. from the University of Arizona, Moustafa attained his CFA designation in 2009. He also worked in the investment banking industry, specifically in the merger and acquisitions department. Keenly interested in making an impact on the field of financial research, Moustafa was instrumental in the development of the International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives. He currently serves as the IJBD Editor in Chief. He is especially interested in giving authors the ability to improve their work and publish with no excessive waiting periods or fees that can often burden researchers, specifically international researchers. Prior to joining Clark, Moustafa taught at Old Dominion University and Rhode Island College.

Key Publications/Presentations

Is there a post listing anomaly for IPOs overseas listing? Asian Journal of Empirical Research, 2013, 3(9):1131-1155
Do IPO firms Manage Earnings? Accounting and Finance Research Journal. Vol. 2, No. 4, November 2013. ISSN 1927-5986 E-ISSN 1927-5994

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